Love. It’s the most powerful emotion and it means to be deeply committed and connected to someone. Jewelry has always been about love and connection and jewelers know this. It is why you hold a longstanding tradition of personalized service to your customer. Although seeing and touching a beautiful piece of jewelry creates desire, it is your expert advice that teaches them to appreciate its value.

You know how important relationships are to your industry. For many customers, a knowledgeable jeweler is a trusted family friend who they turn to when it is time to commemorate an important event with a beautiful gift of love. But what happens when those interactions are restricted? Without being in the room, how does a jeweler reach a customer’s heart?

Jewelry tells a story of who we are

A jewelry purchase needs to have significant meaning for it to connect with a potential buyer. Without the benefit of visiting a store for a personal consultation, it is not enough to simply display a beautiful image on social media. Customers are looking for a connection and the story behind that piece of jewelry. It is up to you to tell that story – whether it is through a heartfelt description or a video explaining the designer’s inspiration. This can significantly help a customer see their own beliefs symbolized, making the jewelry their own. Jewelry is personal, emotional and reflects who we are, whether it is a philosophy, a closely held belief or a memory.

The locally sourced movement

We’ve all experienced that visceral reaction to a certain time or place in our life. A smell can bring you back to mom’s kitchen, certain places you visit can elicit vivid memories with loved ones, looking at a beautiful piece of heirloom jewelry can remind you of your grandmother. Connections to a time and place are a powerful draw. Customers of James Cook, goldsmith and owner of Tates Gallery in New Boston, NH, frequently tell him how important it is that their jewelry is made 100% on premises.

Customers are looking through a new lens in 2020. They want to connect with their community and help preserve the small businesses that are part of the local culture they enjoy so much.  Deeply felt intentions such as this are driving jewelry purchases now more than ever and it’s a trend we can expect to see continue. Consumers are thinking more before they make a purchase – not only about their local community, but the larger issues around them. It has never been a better time to understand your consumer’s intentions and meet their needs in the moment to connect with their heart and mind.

Connect with purpose and passion

Purpose is the reason you do what you do. It is the motivation behind your actions and the reasons behind your life story. Passion is what you love to do. It is what releases your emotions and motivates you. Think about your purpose and your passion when connecting with your customers.

Here at Solidscape, we believe in empowering jewelers to create without limits. We believe each piece of jewelry tells a story and we help you bring that story to life for your customers. It is what connects us to the jewelry community.

What do you believe? Sharing your personal story, your purpose and your passion with your customers, whether virtually or in person, will help you connect on a deeper level. It will help you truly understand their desires so you can create pieces they will cherish for a lifetime and find its way into the hands (and hearts) of generations to come.

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