See How Solidscape Powers the Creations of This Family of Jewelers

Thompson’s Custom Jewelry has a reputation for treating its clients like family while making their jewelry dreams a reality. Since 2008, the family-run business has built a reputation as a hands-on custom jewelry manufacturer. The family prides itself on working closely with their clients to realize personalized designs and ideas. Every piece of [...]

Custom jewelry silver linings: Turning a shutdown into a ramp up

Jo Hayes Ward uses her transformational process to adapt and thrive After 15 years in the custom jewelry business, Jo Hayes Ward knows a thing or two about resilience. The bulk of Jo’s work consists of custom-made gold jewelry for clients who she works with one-on-one. She meets with them at her London workshop or [...]

Perfecting an aesthetic through 3D jewelry design

Jo Hayes Ward stays true to her vision, manifesting her customers’ stories through jewelry Jo Hayes Ward discovered her father’s soldering iron at age 12 and has been creating fascinating forms with metal ever since. Her passion for art and working in three dimensions took her to the Camberwell College of Arts in London, where [...]

3D Printing for Design Freedom

Vasana Dharmawardane brings the beauty of the world to his jewelry The owner and creative force behind Design Gold was the first in his family to be an artisan. While growing up in Sri Lanka, Vasana Dharmawardane’s father noticed his artistic talent and sent him to a full-time jewelry design school. After two years of [...]

Building Connections in a Virtual World

Love. It’s the most powerful emotion and it means to be deeply committed and connected to someone. Jewelry has always been about love and connection and jewelers know this. It is why you hold a longstanding tradition of personalized service to your customer. Although seeing and touching a beautiful piece of jewelry creates desire, it [...]

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Great Outcomes Start in CAD

Experience matters when it comes to preparing a jewelry design for printing. The CAD designer can greatly impact the final casting results by using their understanding of the flow of molten metal to determine the best size and positioning for the casting sprues. They can also help the goldsmith preserve the integrity of the design [...]

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WePrint 3D of Cordoba, Spain

WePrint 3D owner, Daniel Heredia Fernandez is pleased to share with us an unusual customer design he was able to manufacture because of his Solidscape 3D printer. The innovative design features 3 channel-set bright 1 qts stones that are free to move back and forth along a railing. Solidscape precision fit and dissolvable wax support [...]

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Strength in Numbers at NHIA

Fresh from New Hampshire’s first snowfall of the season and a week before Thanksgiving, the last NHIA Digital Design & 3D Printing for Jewelry workshop begins with holiday spirit through Christmas carols. “I love Christmas music!” Alexandria Matossian says enthusiastically as she enters New Hampshire Institute of Art’s finishing room. Before long, Christmas music is [...]

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The Big Jewelry Reveal at NHIA

The teacher and students gather around the table in anticipation. It is the big day! Part III of Alexandria Matossian’s Digital Design & 3D Printing for Jewelry Making workshop is the day the students get to see the jewelry designs they created in CAD as 3D printed models for the first time. “It’s like Christmas [...]

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Tinkering with CAD at NHIA

The weather outside was cold and rainy, a perfect day for a CAD workshop according to Alexandria Matossian. She was teaching at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH. Part I of Alexandria’s Introduction to Digital Design & 3D Printing for Jewelry workshop began with a quick overview of shapes in CAD. It [...]

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