The best 3D printers for jewelry

3D printed jewelry models as perfect as your designs

Solidscape high precision 3D printers are the only 3D printers built specifically for the custom fine jewelry business. They are workhorses designed to bring your 3D jewelry designs to life in front of your eyes. With a Solidscape in your shop, you’ll be more productive, more profitable and have more time to design your next masterpiece.

  • Directly castable wax and resin models with the stunning details your designs — and your customers — demand
  • Perfect surface finish with no post-processing
  • Reliably gorgeous castings in gold, platinum or any other castable precious metal
– Othmar Wicke
The one 3D printer you need

You’ve mastered CAD, molds and casting, and you’ve tinkered with low-resolution resin 3D printers. Now you’re ready for the next step — bringing your production fully in-house with a Solidscape wax 3D printer for jewelry. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

Which Solidscape 3D printer for jewelry is right for your business?

Engineered specifically for custom jewelry production, the Solidscape suite of high resolution 3D printers offer the perfect option for every size jewelry manufacturer and retailer.

The most reliable, easy-to-use 3D printer for jewelry
Premium choice for professional jewelry manufacturing
Crossover performance
XDP technology for the most flexibility in one printer
Affordable precision
The extraordinary precision you need at the right price
Custom jewelry designers ready to bring production in-house or add capacity to their production processJewelry manufacturers who need industry-leading resolution and speedJewelry manufacturers who need greater control and efficiencyS325 Jewelry designers who need exquisite detail

S325+ Small jewelry manufacturers who need enterprise speed
Selectable: medium or high
Up to 4 models per day
High production
10+ models per day
Selectable: medium or high
5-10+ models per day
S325 Medium production

S325+ High production
25 µm*Selectable: 25-50 µmSelectable: 6-38 µmS325 25 µm

S325+ 38 µm
TechnologyStable jet technology for unmatched reliabilitySolidjet for top productionXDP for the full range of precision through productionS325 SCP for exacting precision

S325+ SCP+ for precision with a speed boost
MaterialsDirectly castable wax
Dissolvable support material
Directly castable wax
Dissolvable support material
Directly castable wax
Dissolvable support material
Directly castable wax
Dissolvable support material
Tech support plus online resources
Remote connectivity
Lifetime printheads
Pedestal cabinet, industrial dust collector, power regulator
Tech support plus online resources
Tech support plus online resourcesTech support plus online resources
Want to know more?

We’re here to answer your questions and work with you to find the best 3D printing solution for your shop.

– James Cook, Tates Gallery
Jewelry Know-How

Solidscape has advanced one-of-a-kind jewelry retailers, manufacturers and designers like you with high resolution 3D printers since 1994. Our dimensionally accurate wax jewelry patterns lead the industry in quality, complexity, castability and surface finish.

See how Solidscape has changed the game for jewelers around the world

Cutting-Edge Technology

Solidscape 3D printers are powered by precision engineered hardware and cutting-edge software, including new XDP technology, smooth curvature printing algorithm, drop on demand technology and a rotating milling blade to ensure perfection in every layer.

Learn how Solidscape 3D printer software optimizes your workflow

Full Service and Support

We stand behind our high precision 3D printers for jewelry and are here to support your success. Every Solidscape 3D printer comes backed by our unmatched customer service, a slew of online resources and a global network of technical support specialists.

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