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Applying jewelry best practices in your design and manufacturing processes can make a big difference to your results. Your design looks great on a CAD screen; your 3D printed model is perfect; but your casting results may be disappointing, or worse, fail. How can you fix this? Whether you’re an experienced CAD jewelry designer or just getting started, you can always learn from others.

In Transferring Files to the Solidscape High Precision 3D Printer (Jewelry Best Practices – Episode 11), Master Jeweler and Carrera Casting CAD/CAM Director, Tom Manos, discusses how to transfer your files to the Solidscape High Precision 3D Printer.

  • Positioning parts for an optimum build
  • Prongs should face the cutter
  • Spacing between parts is important
  • Cooling is necessary for a clean cut

Solidscape and Carrera Casting have partnered to create the “Jewelry Best Practices Series Videos” for you. This comprehensive video series can help you take your jewelry design and production knowledge to new levels.

The Best Practices series covers:

• CAD Design
• CAD File Management
• 3D Printing Tips

Master jeweler and Carrera CAD/CAM Director Tom Manos shares his real world knowledge and expertise in the areas of custom jewelry design, manufacturing and technology. Learn how your conceptualized design will materialize at the bench without making common CAD design errors.

Start your journey to better jewelry design, predictable casting and streamlined manufacturing results that will drive more business and profits with the Jewelry Best Practices series!

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What type of jeweler are you?What's your need or challenge?What can you learn?
Hand carve, not using CADYou are interested in learning more about jewelry CAD.You'll develop an appreciation for how modern custom jewelry is made and the role that technology (CAD and 3D printing) plays.
Just started using CADYou just learned CAD, but you have little "real world" manufacturing experience.You'll learn from real jewelers to avoid making common CAD mistakes. And you'll develop insights about custom jewelry design, manufacturing and technology considerations.
Experienced CAD jewelerYou know CAD well but you're looking for some new techniques or tips to improve your final design or improve your casting results.You'll gain practical insights into key design, file management or 3D printing processes that will positively impact your results.

Master jeweler and Carrera Casting CAD/CAM Director Tom Manos shares his real world knowledge and expertise in the areas of custom jewelry design, manufacturing and technology. Join Tom as he explores jewelry best practices topics including:

CAD DesignCAD File Management3D Printing Tips
How small changes in your CAD design technique can make a BIG impact on your casting resultsCreate, correct, manage, and export your CAD filesKeep your 3D printers humming and producing the best output
Prongs & WallsBooleans vs GroupingSolidscape High Precision 3D Printer Maintenance
Stamps, Logos & Draft AnglesPositioning and Planar SurfacesTransferring Files to the Solidscape High Precision 3D Printer
Prongs & Walls - Part 2Checking For Watertight SolidsMore Episodes coming soon!
Designing Support Scaffolds for JewelryCreating & Checking STL Files
Supporting Delicate PartsMore episodes coming!