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The experience and benefits that Solidscape high-precision 3D wax printers bring to customers across multiple industries and applications such as lost wax investment casting and mold making. For our case studies, follow the links on the left or please contact Solidscape directly.

Productivity that Fuels Creativity

For more than three generations, Bostonian Jewelers has been perfecting the art and technology of fine jewelry making. Creative custom designs and precise restorations by Bostonian has set higher standards for the jewelry industry.

Jenny Wu, Revolutionizing Wearable 3D Art

For Jenny Wu, collaborating with Solidscape® on her new jewelry collection was an easy decision. A celebrated architect, designer and partner at Oyler Wu Collaborative, Wu has been utilizing 3D printing for well over 15 years.

Creating Family Heirlooms

JB Diamonds works with customers to create truly unique fine jewelry — new family heirlooms to cherish. Using Solidscape printers, Barba can also produce them remarkably quickly.

Creating Jewelry Perfection

“Solidscape machine models are just perfect. Our productivity and quality are much higher now.” Hagop Shahbazyan, Ani Jewelers Watch the Video PDF Download   [...]

Precision Drives Growth

“This is a transitional time for my company; we are looking at new designs and new techniques to integrate into the workshop. Right now, we are on the threshold of creating a new line and [...]

Precision Drives Challenges

“Never stop looking for challenges! Precision then comes from Solidscape.”Shigeru Mizokami, King Precision Cast Company PDF Download In 1978 Shigeru Mizokami founded King to establish a company in Japan [...]

Technology Counters Competition

"Once limited to low-end, low-quality costume jewelry, offshore competition has been taking a bigger bite out of the highend, precious metals jewelry market.” By Todd Grimm PDF Download [...]

Tech Empowers Czech Designers

“As an engineer, I thoroughly researched and sampled the available technologies before deciding on Solidscape as the best choice for my business.” Ing. Jan Vrba, Owner of 3D Styl Czech Republic [...]





World’s Most Exclusive iPod

“I wanted to make a spectacular piece that combined modern electronics and handcrafted jewelry. The iPod is an iconic design and I wanted a special connectivity with our name and with diamonds especially.”Thomas Heyerdahl, Heyerdahl [...]

Orthodontic Manufacturer

“Since originally published, T.O.P. Service has grown their business to include a total of 41 Solidscape high-precision 3D printers.” By Todd Grimm PDF Download Figure 1: Lingual [...]

Rapid Prototyping Company Adapts to Industry Changes

“Sometimes to me, it’s still amazing. I know we talk about cameras, electronics, iPads, tablets, phones…the technology these days is amazing. But the ability in jewelry and to create jewelry design, even medical parts [...]

Miniature Masterpiece

“The quality of parts we can create using the Solidscape 3D printer are beyond what we could previously achieve with other AM systems, CNC machining and even skilled handwork.” Christian Müller CEO, Horbach, GmbH [...]

Tactile Design Puts Art in the Hands of the People

“I think that 3D printing has shown itself to be particularly appropriate for architectural interpretation and for detailed interpretationof small items.”— Loz Simpsonsculptor, designer and Topografik founder Watch the Video [...]

California Medical

“We evaluated a number of RP systems available and determined the Solidscape technology to be the only system capable of fulfilling our needs.”V.P., Southern CaliforniaMedical Device CompanyA leading edge medical device company with a complimentary [...]

ASU Advanced Medical Research

“We are all going to be surprised by the incredible number of places that 3D printing fits into both medicine and medically-oriented research.” -Dr David H. Frakes, Principal Investigator Image Processing Applications Laboratory, Arizona [...]

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