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Solidscape’s new S3Duo offers industry-leading dimensional accuracy configured to your workflow.

Choose Your Duo

The S3Duo was created to showcase and consolidate the best of Solidscape’s flagship S-series printers while catering to the diverse needs of jewelry designers.

The printer is available in two configurations tailored to your workflow and design process:


Extreme resolution for producing geometrically complex designs that demand layer increments as fine as 3 microns.


The perfect balance of micro-precision and print speed for high-detail custom jewelry production.

The Solidscape Advantage

Directly Castable

Clean burnout, no thermal expansion, and no ash residue minimizes post-processing.

Complete Design Freedom

System-generated supports dissolve in post-printing, leaving a pristine wax model.

Industry-Leading Precision

The industry standard for dimensional accuracy and detail for true CAD-to-cast results.

Smooth Model Finish

Ready-to-cast models with crisp detail and smooth surface finish, print after print.

Do more with the Solidscape S3Duo  — the best 3D printer for custom jewelry designers.


Now creativity and productivity go hand-in-hand

The best professional 3D printer automatically generates a support structure for your unique design, ensuring a pristine surface finish. Every element is protected. The support dissolves away hands-free, leaving a perfect wax model ready for casting. If you can dream it, you can print it. No need to build supports one by one in CAD and remove them by hand after casting.

  • Spot-on accuracy: perfect prongs for effortless stone setting
  • The sharpest detail in the industry
  • Directly castable wax — no trial and error required

Solidscape’s dissolving support

Other printers require clipping and sanding

You’re a pro, get the best professional 3D printer

The S3Duo is Solidscape’s premium 3D printing machine because it gives jewelry producers the capacity to succeed. Your jewelry designs are in high demand, and Solidscape allows you to meet the demand — and expand. Your S3Duo will quickly become the most productive member of the team, a workhorse that prints directly castable wax patterns 24/7. It pulls all-nighters so you don’t have to.

Can I afford the best wax 3D printer for jewelry?

– Shri. Devji Ramji Sagar, Devji Aurum
Which Solidscape is right for my workflow?

The S3Duo gives you the total package — precision, speed and reliability. But it’s not the only Solidscape 3D printer for professional jewelers.

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Durable build wax and dissolvable support material

Solidscape’s proprietary materials are best-in-class for high precision lost wax casting: high-quality wax with support material that completely dissolves away.

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We are here to help with training and support

Solidscape makes the most user-friendly 3D wax printers on the market. Our global network of technical specialists has your back.

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