3D Printer Software Suite

Easily Manage 3D Print Jobs with Intuitive Software

Solidscape® 3D Printing Software brings drag-and-drop simplicity to 3D printing.The user-friendly suite of software processes all 3D open source files (.STL,.SLC), sets up the 3D printer’s resolution and controls the motion algorithms. A familiar print driver dialog box offers as many or as few options as you want, providing a customized, intuitive 3D printing process.

ModelWorks seamlessly converts your source file into the data format your Solidscape 3D printer uses to build precise wax patterns, automatically generates the model support structure and calibrates the positioning and orientation of the model(s) on the build plate. With ModelWorks, you can:

  • Import models in either facet or slice format.
  • Position parts on the machine build platform to optimize build time and minimize the amount of support material needed.
  • Select configurations to specify build parameters such as slice thickness to maximize surface finish.
  • Monitor projects as your parts are printing, including estimating remaining build time and materials needed.

Analyzer animates the complete printing of your CAD file on your computer screen in a matter of seconds and highlights points of disconnect within the file. With Analyzer, you can:

  • View slice cross-sections, allowing you to see the jet paths for both wax and support materials over the build platform for each slice.
  • Show the expected build result and highlight potential build issues.
  • Troubleshoot and correct problems before you print.

Solidscape’s complete suite of managing software is delivered with all Solidscape printers and operates with standard PCs running Microsoft Windows, all platforms.