Solidscape uses both additive and subtractive technology to produce high precision wax models with the industry’s best surface finish.

The additive process uses a Drop on Demand Technology that positions drops of material precisely along X, Y and Z axes, resulting in high-definition details.

The subtractive process uses a Rotating Milling Blade that levels every print layer, delivering controllable layer thickness and resulting in impossibly complex builds, unbeatable repeatable accuracy and unmatched surface finish.

± one thousandth per inch in X, Y, and Z dimensions per linear inch.

Ten thousandths of an inch (.254 mm).

Standard .STL and .SLC files are fully supported on the Solidscape wax printers. The SolidscapeDL only supports standard .STL files.

Because designers needs vary so much, CAD software is not included. Solidscape high precision 3D printers will accept any standard CAD output .STL or .SLC file. All Solidscape high precision 3D printers include the easy-to-use ModelWorks software for preparing your .STL file for printing.

Yes. However, they must all be built at the same layer thickness.

Yes. Models can be built with varying thicknesses of one half thousandth, one thousandth, one and a half thousandths, two thousandths and three thousandths of an inch.


Solidscape 3D printers use proprietary thermoplastic materials engineered specifically for high precision investment casting. The materials are safe, non-toxic and require no special handling.

Solidscape’s thermoplastic materials were formulated to behave exactly like traditional jeweler’s carving wax. For over 20 years, during the investment casting process, our materials have been proven to deliver a clean burnout with no residual ash or thermal expansion and are 100% castable in gold, platinum and all castable metals.


All printers include a one-year warranty in which all parts and labor are covered.

Your warranty becomes effective as soon as you register your printer online at

You must immediately register your printer online before you contact your reseller for service.

You can purchase an extended warranty through your reseller.