Melt Dissolvable Support for High Precision Investment Casting

Create dimensionally accurate, geometrically complex, finely detailed wax patterns that require virtually no finishing. Melt dissolvable support material is engineered to melt away completely and quickly in a non-toxic, hands-free process.

Melt dissolvable support automatically generates a support structure to protect the part during the build process. This saves on labor initially by eliminating the need for CAD designers to painstakingly configure support structures during design. Labor is saved again post-printing, when Melt support material completely dissolves away in a non-toxic liquid solution — leaving a perfectly smooth finished wax part and no need for manual refining.

This hands-free process delivers the most delicately featured and intricate wax masters in the industry, masters that are immediately ready for investment casting or mold making.

  • Hexagonal “crayon” form, offering simplified dust-free loading of pre-measured amounts to eliminate operator error
  • Improved build performance
  • Low melting point
  • Barcode identification for greater quality assurance