Testimonials: The best 3D printer for jewelry

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Jewelry Retailers

“The surface was perfect on the final piece I got from casting. The smoothness of the wax model – the precision – really gave it that extra polish.” – Jenny Wu, Founder and Designer of LACE in Los Angeles, CA

“With Solidscape I am free to design what is in my head without fear of supports damaging the surfaces and I know I will have all the surface detail I need.” – Tomas Wittelsbach, 2-time Solidscape Design Competition at Baselworld Winner

Jewelry Manufacturers

“I’ve used other 3D machines here and decided to use Solidscape because of the castability of the materials…and, a very important thing, the technical support part of it.” – Jules Barba, Owner of JB Diamonds and Fine Jewelry Inc in Newport Beach, CA

Jewelry Retailers

“It’s why customers come to a little guy like me, because they want it all done here… I printed it on my 3D printer, I cast it in the basement, and I finished it right here in little old New Hampshire.” – James Cook, Designer Goldsmith of Tates Gallery in New Boston, NH

Alexandria Matossian Bostonian Jewelers owner

“Prior to working with CAD, I was really limited to what I could sketch, what I could explain to a bench jeweler or what I could create myself sitting on the bench. Now [using CAD and Solidscape 3D printing], as a designer, the creativity is endless.” – Alexandria Matossian Designer and Creative Director of Bostonian Jewelers in Boston, MA

Jewelry Manufacturers

“We do at least 95 percent, if not more, on the Solidscape. The reason for that is accuracy. You’re not going to beat the accuracy of the Solidscape, whereas other machines you have factors where the material gets stretched or twisted. Plus [Solidscape’s] castability. We are a casting company – This is what we do.” – Tom Manos, CAD/CAM Director of Carrera Casting Corp in New York, NY

Jewelry Manufacturers

“The cufflinks were cast in one piece, therefore I needed all sprues built in order to be able to successfully cast and clean the pieces. If it wasn’t for Solidscape, I would not have been able to successfully do that.” – Ruth Garcia Rodriguez of JewelCast Ltd, 2017 Solidscape Design Competition at Baselworld Finalist

wing pendant design by Weston Beamor

“Little calibration, little time with the machine which is great because that gives us more time to work on CAD and other inquiries that we have. The perfect machine. You start and then you take the models off and that’s all you need to do.”-Ed Hole, Head of CAD & 3D Printing at Weston Beamor in Birmingham, UK

Jewelry Designers

Othmar Wicke, 2016

“Extremely difficult designs have become perfect jewellery with the implementation of Solidscape.” – Othmar Wicke in Vienna, Austria (2016 “The Spotlight is on You” Jewelry Design Contest Winner)

“This design was possible to be made with your amazing printers!” Laleh Hakimizadeh and Juwelier de Vaal won third prize in the Zilverdagen Challenge in the Netherlands with Laleh’s stunning Milky Way Galaxy brooch, photographed by Rob Glastra Fotografie. Congratulations!