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Advanced Research and Medical Case Studies

Educational institutes such as Arizona State University are using Solidscape high-precision 3D printers in research projects that are biomedical, industrial, and military in nature. The goal being to improve human quality of life through the development and use of advanced image processing and rapid prototyping machines. Solidscape’s wax printers allow unlimited design flexibility, keeping expenses down and safeguarding the exclusivity of the digital design.

California Medical

“We evaluated a number of RP systems available and determined the Solidscape technology to be the only system capable of fulfilling our needs.”V.P., Southern CaliforniaMedical Device CompanyA leading edge medical device company with a complimentary [...]

ASU Advanced Medical Research

“We are all going to be surprised by the incredible number of places that 3D printing fits into both medicine and medically-oriented research.” -Dr David H. Frakes, Principal Investigator Image Processing Applications Laboratory, Arizona [...]