Precision Drives Challenges

“Never stop looking for challenges! Precision then comes from Solidscape.”

Shigeru Mizokami
King Precision Cast Company

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In 1978 Shigeru Mizokami founded King to establish a company in Japan with a reputation based on precision casting. The market had many players delivering casting, but moving forward high-precision 3D print jewelry would be a business-critical success factor.

“If you are in the Japanese jewelry industry when you hear casting, you hear King,” states Mr. Mizokami. He adds: “You can achieve this only by employing the right technology. I found it in Solidscape.”

King Cast creates miniature tea pots (wax model) and figurines (cast piece) with outstanding detail and precision.

King Cast creates miniature tea pots (wax model) and figurines (cast piece) with outstanding detail and precision.

“Long last and keep challenging” is Mr. Mizokami’s motto. “Over the years King’s mission has been to focus on critical applications other than jewelry, which currently represents only 20% of our total business. At the moment King is present in several markets and applications such as culture centers, educational institutions, designer centers, sporting goods, and consumer products.”

The latest application is a custom designed line of tea pots made in precious silver from our 3D printer for jewelry and presenting great manufacturing challenges. “With the Solidscape printers we have been able to implement a seamless process overcoming each and every manufacturing challenge, including keeping costs very low,” reports Mr. Mizokami, “We can now produce these unique, yet complex, parts in one piece and one run with very low operating costs.”

King is gaining more and more international exposure thanks to their new business model and their growing reputation for high-quality production casting results due to 3D printing jewelry technology from Solidscape.

Customer Profile - King Precision Cast Company

King has been providing for over 30 years the Japanese market with the highest standards in high-precision casting.
King Precision Cast Company
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