“As an engineer, I thoroughly researched and sampled the available technologies before deciding on Solidscape as the best choice for my business.”

Ing. Jan Vrba, Owner of 3D Styl
Czech Republic

At first glance, who would have expected a couple of engineers to go into the jewelry manufacturing business? But after a career as a civil engineer, Jan made the surprising leap to becoming a goldsmith. He went to school to learn the traditional methods of jewelry making before taking over his family’s casting business. Joining forces with his wife, Hana, also an engineer by training, it was natural for the two of them to quickly set out to investigate what the available technologies could do for their business. As things turned out, their expertise ended up helping others as well.

3D Styl Hana Vrba

To expand the family business beyond just casting, their first steps were to invest in CAD software, hire a design staff, and to purchase a Solidscape 3D printer for jewelry. 3D Styl can now provide the entire digital workflow, enabling their fellow Czech jewelry designers to produce their own creations at prices they can market successfully among foreign competition. Jan and Hana are especially proud of giving Czech designers a fighting chance to be profitable.

Having the endless creative possibilities of a Solidscape jewelry 3D printer at hand, the entrepreneurs have pursued their own creative talents and launched a line of jewelry themselves which Hana markets and distributes. Their multi-dimensional business has proven to be very rewarding to them and has helped improve the careers of many Czech jewelers.

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