“I wanted to make a spectacular piece that combined modern electronics and handcrafted jewelry. The iPod is an iconic design and I wanted a special connectivity with our name and with diamonds especially.”

Thomas Heyerdahl, Heyerdahl Jewellery

In 2008 Thomas Heyerdahl created the world’s most exclusive iPod, named the ”iDiamond”. The iDiamond was originally crafted as one unique and single piece of jewelery. It was auctioned away in for a charitable cause in London for £22,000., or approximately $40,800. USD, in March 2008.

“The iPod is such an iconic design and I wanted a special connectivity with our name and with diamonds especially,” according to Heyerdahl.”


World’s Most Exclusive iPod Created on Solidscape

To produce his exquisite creation, Heyerdahl turned to Diaro Digital Design in the Netherlands who had invested in rapid prototyping machines from Solidscape, the leader of 3D printer companies in the industry.

“First I measured a “naked” iPod with a digital calliper set to a precise 0.01mm,” states Robert de Brueijs of Diaro. He added: ”Using Rhinoceros CAD software I then designed the exact shape of the iPod case, clip, buttons and shells of the earphones. After resizing the top thickness of the case to make it possible for setting diamonds, I then produced the parts on a Solidscape 3D wax printer.”

“The result was amazing,” according to de Brueijs. “Because of the high precision of the CAD drawing and Solidscape T66BT2®, everything fit’s like the original.” du Brueijs adds: “This 60 gram, 18 caret white and pink gold iPod Shuffle set with 430 diamonds played my MP3 files right away, it was a great job to do!”

Customer Profile - World’s Most Exclusive iPod

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