Experience matters when it comes to preparing a jewelry design for printing. The CAD designer can greatly impact the final casting results by using their understanding of the flow of molten metal to determine the best size and positioning for the casting sprues. They can also help the goldsmith preserve the integrity of the design by carefully planning for the eventual removal of the sprues in finishing. The attention to details in CAD such as these will help assure parts of a design will click-fit together perfectly for the final assembly.

Designing a piece of jewelry in sections is often the best strategy for achieving a lustrous sheen that enhances the natural beauty of the precious metal. The goldsmith is able to apply a uniform hand polishing to the entire surface of a ring including the back and undersides. The hidden surface inside the stone mounting should not be ignored. The reflective shine of the metal in this area will bring out the brilliance and fire of a diamond and other gemstones. But delivering a product worthy of being called high-end jewelry is only possible if the goldsmith begins with a quality casting. This means avoiding the porosity, flat spots, warping and shrinkage that are often unavoidable with some 3D printing technologies and model materials.

The intricate diamond pendant and eternity ring by Imseeh Jewelry beautifully illustrate the precision and accuracy that is possible to achieve through the outstanding workmanship of a high-end jeweler.

In order to produce the highest quality of intricate jewelry designs modeled in CAD the next step in the workflow needs to be a 3D printer capable of replicating every detail of the CAD design with dimensional accuracy.  Next, the accuracy of the final casting depends upon the properties of the build material for a clean burnout.  Printing speed takes a back seat to dependable results and will save hours spent working on castings gone wrong.

Mr. Jimmy Achdjian, owner of GJ Systems of Armenia is a CAD instructor as well as being a jewelry designer, gem cutter and engraver. Mr. Achdjian is a GIA  graduate Gemologist with studies in jewelry manufacturing.