If there is one thing 2020 has taught us, it is that we appreciate the value of human interactions more than ever. Many of us are missing the closeness of friends and family and the connections formed through shared experiences. It all has made us more mindful of the important people in our lives and it will influence the type of gifts we choose this coming holiday season.

Custom fine jewelry exclusively designed to be a poignant reminder of personal connections and cherished relationships will deliver the joy and positivity so desperately needed during the COVID crisis. According to De Beers 2020 consumer research*, the primary factor for gift giving is how special it makes the recipient feel.

Tates Gallery, custom jewelry design, New Boston, New Hampshire

James Cook of  Tate’s Gallery grew up in the jewelry business and enjoys nothing more than designing custom pieces for his customers. He spends time talking with each customer, getting to know them and gaining insight into the meaning behind the particular jewelry they desire. It’s the first step in creating the perfect jewelry personalized just for them. Customers have the opportunity to experience the jewelry coming to life through a series of reviews prior to casting. It’s why word of mouth has been the best form of advertising for Tates.

Despite or possibly because of the unusual circumstances this year, James has been able to continue to deepen his customer connections. He has set himself up for success by providing a safe environment where his customers can feel comfortable meeting. He has also spent his career developing his talent to span across a broad range of style preferences.

Owning his own equipment such as his Solidscape S390 3D wax printer means he can deliver real value for his customers. They know their jewelry being produced completely onsite means they are getting something genuinely unique and personal to them.

Tates Gallery in New Boston, New Hampshire. Owners James & Sarah Cook

2020 has presented us with many challenges. But, amid those challenges lie opportunities. The demand for custom fine jewelry is out there. More than ever, people want the gifts they give this year are meaningful. Is your business ready to accommodate your customer’s requests for custom pieces? This could be your biggest Holiday Season ever.


*De Beers Group 360 Market Research, March – May 2020


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