Thompson’s Custom Jewelry has a reputation for treating its clients like family while making their jewelry dreams a reality. Since 2008, the family-run business has built a reputation as a hands-on custom jewelry manufacturer. The family prides itself on working closely with their clients to realize personalized designs and ideas.

Every piece of jewelry is crafted from start to finish in the Thompson’s Shawnee, Kansas facility by a father and son duo. Father John and son Johnny make their clients an integral part of the design process, who often request printed wax models to keep as mementos of their experiences.

The family’s journey as inter-generational jewelry designers has been one of bridging tradition and innovation. By integrating CAD (computer-assisted design) software and a Solidscape 3D wax printer into their manufacturing process, the Thompsons have broadened their custom design business, allowing them to tap into a wider array of opportunities for their clients.

“We love our Solidscape printer. The tech support was amazing and definitely exceeded our expectations.”
-Johnny Thompson

Johnny Thompson polishing jewelry

As jewelers, the Thompsons have a passion for creating statement pieces that communicate an individual’s perspective of the world. Beyond traditional jewelry, the family often crafts pieces for customers who share a passion for motorcycling, the thrill of the road, and embracing all the sense of adventure that accompanies that lifestyle. Johnny describes his work as “jewelry that connects our wild side with an even wilder group of people.” Skulls or snakes feature prominently in many of their creations— symbols of transformation and change.

For many of the Thompsons’ clients, their meticulously crafted pieces of jewelry aren’t simply tokens of commitment, wealth, or prestige. They are also deeply personal symbols of their true selves, their accomplishments, and their accomplishments.  Solidscape is proud to help the Thompsons make their clients’ creations a reality while providing the tools to power a multi-generational business.

You can learn more about Thompson family on their website, Instagram, and Etsy store.