Free 3D printing material with S390 and S360 printers*

Score deep discounts on the one 3D printer you need. Level up with a Solidscape S360 or S390, and we’ll throw in a year’s worth of 3D printing wax and dissolvable support material — free.
Find the Solidscape for me

The S360 and S390 high quality wax 3D printers give you the resolution, precision and accuracy you need to realize your wildest jewelry dreams.

  • Ready-to-cast wax models with fine details, complex cutouts, sharp edges, gravity-defying overhangs, thin walls, you name it
  • Dissolvable supports mean no snipping or filing
  • Easy lost wax casting with clean burnout and a gorgeous surface finish
One of our 3D printing jewelry experts will call you within one business day with more information on the best wax 3D printer for your jewelry business. We promise to never sell your personal information to a third party or send you spam.

You’ve mastered CAD, molds and casting, and you’ve tinkered with low-resolution resin 3D printers. Now you’re ready for the next step — bringing your production fully in-house with a Solidscape wax 3D printer for jewelry.

Design without compromise

“With Solidscape, I am free to design what is in my head without fear of supports damaging the surfaces and I know I will have all the surface detail I need.” — Tomas Wittelsbach

The Solidscape Edge

Solidscape has been crafting high resolution wax 3D printers for jewelry retailers since 1994. Our dimensionally accurate wax jewelry patterns for investment casting are the best in the industry.

*Free materials included are one case of Midas build material and one case of Melt support material, the amount of material an average Solidscape wax 3D printer customer uses in a year.
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