Alexandria Matossian Bostonian Jewelers ownerBy Alexandria Matossian, Designer and Creative Director of Bostonian Jewelers and one of the industry’s early CAD CAM adopters. She will be hosting a “Strength in Numbers” Meet Up at JCK Vegas in Solidscape’s booth B65079 on Tuesday, June 6th at 2:00 p.m.


What happens when your imagination does not match your skill set?

Or one of your customers would like you to create something a bit more complicated than you have ever done before? We all want to stretch our wings creatively, but we also need to promise and quote the job for our customer, or risk losing the sale to another.

Today the depth and experience of designers along with the advancement in technology such as CAD and 3D printing are moving very fast with something new around every corner. The demand on custom orders will only become increasingly more complicated going forward. The internet says so, especially on Instagram and Pinterest.



No one ever claimed digital design was easy, but this should not limit you or your customer’s needs for a great-looking design. No matter what level you are at – just starting out with CAD or been at it for a while – the same question arises.

Do you source out the design or do you invest the time needed to learn new software techniques that will elevate you to the next level? Each avenue has positive and negative aspects and unique orders always have a way of throwing you a curve ball. Only you know what is going to be best for you and your shop.

Join us at our Strength in Numbers Meetup at JCK Vegas in Solidscape’s booth B65079 and take part in the discussion. During the Meetup, award winning ZBrush instructor Tomas Wittelsbach will demonstrate his sculpting techniques in ZBrush live while sharing his experience with various software and production challenges. The demo will cover techniques that everyone who wishes to incorporate CAD into their design workflow can learn from no matter their skill level.

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Alexandria MatossianThank you to our guest blogger, Alexandria Matossian! Visit her website and Bostonian Jewelers to learn more! You can also see her stunning jewelry designs on her Instagram. Make sure to follow her to keep up with all the excitement at JCK Las Vegas!