Anton Angheluta of Atelier AnghelutaBy Anton Angheluta of Atelier Angheluta

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Anton Angheluta specializes in 3D sculpting and prototyping for international design brands within the jewellery, product design and entertainment industries. He entered his Homage ring creation to the 2017 Design Competition at Baselworld where it became a finalist on display during the show.


How did you get started?

I’ve been fascinated by the process of shaping things in three dimensions from an early age. I first began to do wax carving and model-kits for the miniatures I was collecting as a teenager. I found it more interesting to create and alter the designs than it was to play with them.

This early interest and experience was also a big help, in furthering my understanding and skill-set in sculpting, something I’ve used throughout my career as a dental prosthetic technician, as a jewellery designer and for board game miniature commissions I do.


Sketch by Anton Angheluta of Atelier Angheluta


But it was not until I was doing regular work for goldsmiths that I began looking for digital alternatives to my traditional wax modelling process.

That was when I was introduced to ZBrush and Solidscape and it just blew my mind, as finally there was a potent digital alternative which would let me transfer my wax modelling ‘mindset’ and skills into the digital realm. It allows for a whole new level of creative freedom, without having to compromise at any step of the process.


Digital Design in ZBrush by Anton Angheluta of Atelier Angheluta


What was the motivation behind your Solidscape competition entry?

I have for a long time been very interested in the design and aesthetic principles found in gothic architecture. What particularly fascinates me are the design characteristics found in stained glass windows. After researching the style I got really interested in creating an homage to that element with different coloured gems.


Rendering of Homage Ring by Anton Angheluta


So when the Solidscape design competition was announced, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to bring the idea to life. As the design was both creatively and technically a challenge, it would work really well if it was printed on the Solidscape system since I would get all the details and design features in the final result without having to compromise.



Personally I love participating in this type of competition, simply because they offer me an opportunity to push my sculpting skills and understanding of 3D prototyping. I am very pleased with the outcome of the Homage ring, and it created a few new creative and technical ideas I want to try out.


ZBrush Model of Homage Ring by Anton Angheluta ZBrush Model of Homage Ring by Anton Angheluta


Thank you to Anton Angheluta, Founder & Creative Director, Atelier Angheluta for contributing to our guest blog series!

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