Solidscape®, Inc., the leading manufacturer of high precision 3D printers for creating jewelry wax patterns, unveiled today the new S300 series designed to make high end custom jewelry production processes more efficient for jewelry manufacturers, service bureaus and investment casting companies.

Solidscape Expanded Portfolio for Jewelry

The Solidscape expanded portfolio built for the jewelry industry includes the S350 and S370 high precision 3D printers, new castable material, Midas™, and new dissolvable support Melt™-J.

“The growing global demand for high end custom jewelry we see, requires professional tools that can produce any design without limits,” said Fabio Esposito, Solidscape President. “The new S300 Series printers and materials offer jewelers unique 3D printing accuracy, precision and reliability.”


Solidscape S350 High Precision 3D Printer

Jewelry manufacturers, service bureaus and casting companies can create highly accurate, directly castable wax models with complex geometries and smooth surface finish. The S350 and S370’s re-engineered material delivery system, temperature control system and tank level measurement with 100 percent increase in capacity contribute to the overall reliability. Both printers continue to utilize Solidscape’s Smooth Curvature Printing (SCP®) technology that combines precision drop-on-demand jetting with meticulous milling to deliver the industry’s highest accuracy, unmatched at 6um resolution, and smooth surface finish.

The Midas Touch



The new castable material, Midas, provides a clean burnout with no thermal expansion and is the preferred choice for all metal casting, including platinum as well as room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) molding applications. Melt-J, the non-toxic, hand-free dissolvable support eliminates the need to create or remove support structures, improving manufacturing efficiency and enabling faster delivery to the customer.  The new generation materials have  been designed to be seamlessly integrated into existing manufacturing and casting processes, avoiding the need for special burn-out schedules or equipment.

The Right Tools

“For every profession out there, having the right tools is extremely important. Solidscape machines are worth their weight in gold.”

– Hagop Matossian of Bostonian Jewelers and Manufacturers

With more than 20 years as the leader in high precision 3D printers and 3D printer materials for jewelers, the new S300 series will elevate jewelers and casting companies by creating complex wax patterns flawlessly and more efficiently.

Solidscape is announcing and demonstrating the S300 series and latest materials at the at JCK Las Vegas show June 5-8, 2017, booth B65079, with immediate availability.