Sparkling Detail

The Summer Solstice and the official start of summer is finally here and the wonderful world of jewelry design is sparkling like sunshine with amazing detail. #Solidscape Instagram Roundup 2018 Design Competition Finalist Meredith Marmaduke Designs is designing her way into the season with her unique Hair Band Bangles, perfect for summer casual. New Hair [...]

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Solidscape Features 8th Annual Design Competition Finalists and Winners at JCK Las Vegas

The Solidscape Annual Design Competition, now in its eighth year, celebrates the undeniable passion and imagination of jewelry designers who push the boundaries of innovative jewelry design through CAD and 3D printing. We are always excited and impressed by the variety and talent of entries that come in that represent the best in creativity and [...]

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Lhegacy: Delhnico’s Jewelry Adventure

Delhnico from Lhegacy is a digital jewelry designer from France specializing in sculptures designed in ZBrush. Check out his Instagram account for his amazing designs inspired by animals, nature, legends, superheroes, pirates, and more! His designs have been featured as a Platinum Winner of Solidscape’s Best Jewelry Design Competition at JUNWEX Moscow and finalists in [...]

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Showcase Your Artistic Identity

This week we celebrate jewelry designer and Solidscape user Allison Ice who became a finalist in Rio Grande's 2018 Saul Bell Design Awards with her "Worldview" ring. Congratulations, Allison! Her inspiring story speaks to so many jewelry designers perfecting their craft while also developing their own unique artistic identity. "Lately I've found myself struggling to [...]

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Jewelry: From Wax to Metal

Every week the #Solidscape page on Instagram is full of creative jewelry designers thrilled to see their CAD renders come to life as a wax model they can hold in their hands. Clients seeking custom jewelry also have an opportunity to see the model in person before it goes into production. The excitement doesn't stop [...]

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Jewelry Design Extraordinaires

CADs by Sarah Michiko never disappoints as a custom jewelry design extraordinaire! We're thrilled to be part of her jewelry design process. This week we highlight more jewelry designer and manufacturer extraordinaires who bring the visions of their clients - and themselves - into reality! Our extended jewelry community spans from small business owners, local [...]

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Call for Entries – Solidscape Design Competition at JCK Las Vegas 2018

Solidscape, Inc. is now accepting entries for its 8th Annual Design Competition to be featured at JCK Las Vegas June 1st-4th, 2018, open to jewelry designers from across the globe. The competition provides the opportunity to showcase their creative and innovative designs that embrace cutting edge 3D printing technology and receive recognition at the USA’s [...]

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Last week, Wednesday was a big day for our jewelry community: Valentine’s Day! As jewelry designer and honorable mention in 2017’s Jewelrythis “The Spotlight is on You” Jewelry Design Competition Meredith Marmaduke says, “A whole day just for love? That’s music to my ears!” Let’s see how our creative and talented community of jewelry designers [...]

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Spotlight: High Precision

Many members of our extended jewelry community put their Solidscape High Precision 3D Printers in the spotlight this week, with short videos zooming in on rings and other jewelry in the process of printing into castable wax models. We're excited to see the jewelry pieces come to life! If you put a spotlight on your [...]

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The World is a Book

This month, travel with a jewelry twist is a theme that has captured our imaginations. “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” - Saint Augustine Custom jewelry designer and Solidscape user Sarah Michiko shared this quote on Instagram along with one of her rings in a photo [...]

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