Owen is our Director of Sales at Solidscape, and his new normal looks like this:

Fortunately, my team and I can maintain our regularly scheduled meetings through the magic of technology. It is important for us to keep some normalcy during this abnormal time. With that said, I want to give a shout out to their families for helping maintain a healthy work-home balance and thank their spouses and children for their generosity while we all find our way through a difficult time.

While I enjoy some aspects of working in my man-cave, I miss the camaraderie of working in the office. I especially miss visiting customers, partners and prospects at their place of business. Nothing can replace meeting in person, but technology has helped the team maintain strong relationships with our Solidscape community. The team uses Skype, Google Hangouts, Team Viewer along with other tools, but they find the best way to stay in touch is to just pick up the phone and talk to each other.  We value staying connected with our customers and partners on a regular basis and strive to do our best to be accessible to all of them. We take pride in responding to all questions, big or small!

In my new normal, I find myself working alongside my teenage sons who are also at home and attending school online. They are proving to be an amazing source for answers when I need a little help with using social media or even advanced Excel. Without my fellow employees readily on hand to collaborate with, I find myself turning to them frequently for help. It’s a good thing I have such smart kids and I’ve discovered I should ask for their help more often!

It can be pretty hectic working from home with three children, my wife and our dog, but I like to take a moment each day to step back and admire how we are all helping each other get through this. We all have duties to fulfill as a family and we’re working together each day to keep things moving forward and keep a constant workflow throughout the day.

I’ve been asked what I will look forward to the most when all this is behind us. I want everyone to emerge healthy and working together again to seize the day!

#KeepCreating #StayPassionate