Jewelry Best Practices Series Co Production by Solidscape and Carrera Casting

Your design looks great on your screen, your 3D printed model is perfect, but your casting results may be disappointing. What can you do to fix this? Applying jewelry best practices in your design and manufacturing processes can make a big difference to your results. Solidscape and Carrera Casting are here to help!

Whether you’re an experienced CAD jewelry designer or just starting out, the Jewelry Best Practices Series can help you learn to survive the casting process.

What is the Jewelry Best Practices Series?


Carrera Casting Tom ManosThe series is a co-production of Solidscape High Precision 3D Printers and Carrera Casting, an internationally renowned jewelry casting company. We are thrilled to have master jeweler and Carrera’s CAD/CAM Director Tom Manos share his knowledge and expertise in custom jewelry design, manufacturing and technology. The comprehensive video series will cover best practices in CAD Design, CAD File Management and 3D Printing Tips.


Where can I view the Jewelry Best Practices Series?

The series publishes episodes periodically on Solidscape’s new Jewelry Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and save the playlist to make sure you never miss an episode!

Is there a list of specific topics the series will cover?

Check out our Jewelry Best Practices Series Page for updates on the list of topics as well as more information about the series!

Carrera Casting: Prongs & Walls Episode Summary

How many episodes are there so far?

In October, the series launched its second episode, “Stamps, Logos & Draft Angles.”

Carrera Casting: Stamps Logos and Draft Angles

How many episodes will there be?

As of now, there are 8 episodes planned for the series.

Who can I talk to if I have a question?

There are a number of ways to reach us. You can leave a comment on any of the videos or you can always email the experts at Carrera Casting if you have a question.

We hope you enjoy the series!