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Solidscape has specially formulated materials to meet all of your 3D printing needs and applications. These materials are designed to work in perfect unison with any of our printers.

Produce impossibly detailed, directly castable wax models for jewelry. Developed specifically for investment casting jewelry, Midas is optimized to ensure clean burnout without changing your casting process.

Create smooth wax jewelry models that require virtually no finishing. Melt-J dissolvable support material is engineered to melt away completely and quickly in a non-toxic, hands-free process.

Solidscape® Model is the build material for use in the Solidscape® Max2, PRO, and Studio printers by jewelers for 3D printing jewelry and other non-dental applications. Model is Solidscape’s most durable material ever with a 23% strength improvement over plusCAST® and over 50% stronger than previous generations. Click for SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Solidscape® Support automatically generates a structure to protect the part during the build process with the Solidscape® MAX2, PRO, and Studio printers for 3D printer jewelry and other non-dental applications. Click for SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Review all of Solidscape’s legacy and model-specific printing materials.