Last March, 3D MAQ, the European leader in 3D High-End jewelry printing, upgraded its equipment to the S390, Solidscape’s latest generation of high precision 3D printers.

The renewed confidence in Solidscape and Multistation is explained by 3D MAQ president and co-founder, Philippe Uzan by saying “To this day, we believe Solidscape machines produce the best quality models with the most efficiency. The previous 3Z series introduced greater automation, but still we pushed to get more, and we are pleased to know our trust in Multistation and Solidscape has proven to be fruitful. The new S-Series incorporates changes that represent a dramatic improvement over the previous ones.”

Since its inception in 2008, 3D MAQ has been dedicated to serving the jewelry industry with the best quality and efficiencies possible and their equipment runs 24/7 to meet the demand. Remaining competitive requires being at the forefront of technology and when it came time to upgrade, 3D MAQ decided the natural choice was the S390 for its 25% higher productivity over previous Solidscape printers without sacrificing any of the quality of the parts produced.

After several months of operating their S390 printers, Mr. Uzan reports, “Our first impression was that it is a well-conceived machine and our experience tells us its operation is efficient and stable. Moreover, it is the first machine that comes standard with an industrial level vacuum. We are now experiencing a greater sense of confidence on a daily basis.”

A special note to your customers:
We recognize the market demands an increasing amount of flexibility. To provide the responsiveness you need to meet this demand, we have invested in the latest generation of high precision 3D printers from Solidscape.  As always, our goal is to deliver the best possible quality and reliability. Finally, thank you for renewing your continued confidence in us!

About 3D MAQ

3D MAQ is the premiere service bureau for the jewelry industry in Europe.  Their 11 rapid prototyping machines for investment casting are backed by a team of experienced technicians providing individualized expertise for delivering quality and reliability at competitive rates.  3D MAQ stands behind their work by offering a second 3D printing at no additional cost in case of a problem during the casting process. For more information, please phone +09 80 36 80 67 or go to

About Multistation

Multistation is an exclusive distributor of Solidscape based in Paris. The company has been providing expertise and service to jewelry manufacturers since 1998. The Multistation demonstration center in Paris Montparnasse (68 Boulevard Pasteur, 75015 Paris) provides jewelers with the opportunity to test different technologies such as Solidscape high precision 3D wax printers, high-precision 3D scanners and small 3D plastic or resin printers.
Phone to make an appointment at +02 99 16 35 38
or [email protected]

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About Solidscape®, Inc.

Solidscape®, Inc., a Prodways Group company (Euronext Paris: PWG) manufacturers high precision 3D wax printers for investment casting. Setting the bar for standards in surface finish, accuracy and material castability since 1994, Solidscape has long been recognized as an indispensable resource for the manufacturing of fine jewelry.  Solidscape is based in Merrimack, New Hampshire, US.