Solidscape® 3Z Support automatically generates a structure to protect the part during the build process with the Solidscape® MAX2, PRO, and Studio printers for 3D printer jewelry and other non-dental applications. Solidscape is one of the few 3D printer manufacturers that help you save on labor by eliminating the need for CAD designers to configure support structures during the design of new pieces. Once the printing is completed, labor is saved again because the Solidscape® Support material completely dissolves away in a liquid solution leaving a clean wax part without the need for manual refining.

This hands-free process can safely deliver the most delicately featured and intricate wax masters that are immediately ready for investment casting or mold making. All Solidscape 3D printers for sale are compatible with our printing materials and have the 3D printer reviews to support them.

  • Hexagonal “crayon” for dust-free loading of pre-measured amounts
  • Improved build performance
  • Lower melting point
  • Bar code identification for greater quality assurance
  • Organic compound with wax-like properties is jetted as micro-droplets to form an object
  • Clean burnout during casting process with no residual ash or shrinkage
  • Low melting point 122º – 162ºF (50º – 72ºC)
  • Non-toxic; registered by TSCA