Solidscape® Model is the build material for use in the Solidscape® Max2, PRO, and Studio printers by jewelers for 3D printing jewelry and other non-dental applications. Model is Solidscape’s most durable material ever with a 23% strength improvement over plusCAST® and over 50% stronger than previous generations.

This increased durability enables designers to incorporate even more intricate details with thinner walls into their work to produce lighter weight finished products that can meet their pricing strategy. For customers looking for 3D printer companies with wax materials that are created specifically for their rapid prototyping machines, Solidscape is your first choice.

  • 23% stronger, more durable than plusCAST®
  • 100% castability with no material shrinkage
  • “Crayon” for dust-free loading of precise amounts
  • Bar code identification for better quality assurance
  • Safe, non-toxic with no special waste disposal
  • Organic compound with wax-like properties is jetted as micro-droplets to form an object
  • Clean burnout during casting process with no residual ash or shrinkage
  • Low melting point 221º – 239ºF (95º – 115ºC)
  • Non-toxic; registered by TSC