Direct Manufacturing

Direct Manufacturing2018-04-11T18:16:43-04:00

Die Solidscape Wachsdrucker bieten unbegrenzte Flexibilität beim Design bei gleichzeitig geringen Kosten und stellen die Exklusivität des digitalen Designs sicher. Lesen Sie unsere Fallstudien zum Direct Manufacturing (direkte Fertigung) und erfahren Sie mehr über die Hersteller von 3D-Druckern und darüber, wie Solidscape-Technologien für Ihr Geschäft von Nutzen sein kann.

World’s Most Exclusive iPod

“I wanted to make a spectacular piece that combined modern electronics and handcrafted jewelry. The iPod is an iconic design and I wanted a special connectivity with our name and with diamonds especially.”Thomas Heyerdahl, Heyerdahl [...]

Orthodontic Manufacturer

“Since originally published, T.O.P. Service has grown their business to include a total of 41 Solidscape high-precision 3D printers.” By Todd Grimm PDF Download Figure 1: Lingual [...]

Miniature Masterpiece

“The quality of parts we can create using the Solidscape 3D printer are beyond what we could previously achieve with other AM systems, CNC machining and even skilled handwork.” Christian Müller CEO, Horbach, GmbH [...]

Tactile Design Puts Art in the Hands of the People

“I think that 3D printing has shown itself to be particularly appropriate for architectural interpretation and for detailed interpretationof small items.”— Loz Simpsonsculptor, designer and Topografik founder Details, details Topografik is [...]