“The quality of parts we can create using the Solidscape 3D printer are beyond what we could previously achieve with other AM systems, CNC machining and even skilled handwork.”

Christian Müller CEO, Horbach, GmbH

In its day the 1931 Bentley Blower 4.5L LeMans was a head-turner. A beautiful, rare state-of-the-art automotive design that exemplified grace, craftsmanship and precision.

Nine decades later, it is still a head-turner. Only this time the Bentley Blower is reborn as a 1:5 scale model created by modern Misko Models craftsmen utilizing state-of-the-art CAD design and the precision of a Solidscape 3D printer from one of the leaders of 3D printer companies in the industry.

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Casting for critical components of this miniature masterpiece was undertaken by Horbach GmbH based from models created on Solidscape rapid prototyping machines. Precision was of paramount importance for the model’s many moving parts such as workable brakes, clutch, choke, and adjustable ignition.

Christian Müller, CEO at Horbach explained: “We do a lot of work now for Misko, and the capability of the Solidscape three-dimensional printing machine for use with the lost-wax casting process is central to that,” states Christian. “We have cast from aluminum, brass, bronze, nickel and silver from the wax cores, all with excellent surface finish and accuracy. We believe that the quality of the parts is now the best in the world.”

“This stunning Bentley model was a huge hit at the Euromold show in Frankfurt, Germany,” states Fabio Esposito, VP, Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Solidscape. “It is a fitting example of how when precision counts, top professionals count on Solidscape.”

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Customer Profile - Miniature Masterpiece

Horbach GmbH offers one of Europe’s premier casting services and is based in Idar-Oberstein, Germany.

Horbach GmbH
Misko Models creates precision car models for discerning collectors with a passion for perfection.

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1931 Bentley Blower 4.5L
Model Value: 36,000€
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