The Solidscape Annual Design Competition, now in its eighth year, celebrates the undeniable passion and imagination of jewelry designers who push the boundaries of innovative jewelry design through CAD and 3D printing. We are always excited and impressed by the variety and talent of entries that come in that represent the best in creativity and design in fine jewelry. The finalists’ 3D printed jewelry designs were on display at Solidscape booth B65079 at JCK Las Vegas from June 1st to 4th.

The difficult task of selecting the finalists and winners out of such a large group of awe-inspiring designs was achieved by our dedicated panel of judges. The winners were chosen based on 4 criteria: 3D printed wax model, technically interesting or challenging, best use of CAD and Solidscape technology, and best artistry & style.

Congratulations to all!

2018 Solidscape Design Competition Winners and Finalists



Alvaro Larrosa Furest – Spain

The designer was inspired by the beauty of the cosmos to design Cosmic Ball. The jewel encrusted ring depicts a planet and its planetary ring. The planetary ring is actually a movable part that swings across the planet. The precision required for this successful design is perfectly suited to Solidscape high precision 3D printing.

A jewelry designer since 1995, Mr. Larrosa does work for several brands as well as being a CAD instructor.

Alvaro is a 1998 winner of the International Jewelry London Fair platinum award.


Marcin Nowak – Novvak Jewellery in Poland

The Vortex Ring is a perfect example of the design intricacies possible to manufacture with Solidscape high precision 3D printing. The unique statement piece is appreciated the more one looks.

Marcin is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland. The subject of his PhD thesis was the newest parametric technologies in computer-aided jewellery design.


Kwabena Abeney – CADLOFT in Canada

Kwabena Abeney took on the challenge of merging together elements from architecture, nature and history into a modern, wearable design. The Royal Sunflower Ring is a multidimensional design that takes on new shapes when viewed from different viewpoints. It can be seen as sun rays morphing into flower petals or ocean waves clashing with heat waves from the sun.

CADLOFT is a start-up whose mission is to translate imagination into reality by leveraging the precision and accuracy of CAD and 3D printing


Settawut Leenavong – Pinkpurpol in Thailand

The Monstera Ring is inspired by the aesthetic and irregularity of the swiss cheese plant, Monstera Deliciosa. Its delicate, thin ruffled layers was perfectly reproduced by the Solidscape high precision 3D printer.

Settawut is a graduated architect who is passionate in computational design in art and architecture.


Luke Johnson – Arthur’s Jewelers, United States

The Dueling Phoenix cuff is inspired by master jeweler Rene Lalique and his capture of nature and the symmetry that made his pieces come alive. A student of turn of the century craftmanship, Luke’s Dueling Phoenix gives homage to the past while making a modern, powerful statement.

Luke has enjoyed being part of the team at Arthur’s Jewelers for more than seventeen years. The family-like atmosphere and shared passion for creating beautiful heirlooms for their clientele has supported his personal growth in the industry. He developed his CAD skills through seminars, classes and help from Gemvision.


Hyein Cho – South Korea

Inspired by the intricate, repeating pattern of a flower blossom, Hyein Cho uses pink and red gems to creatively express its beauty. The charming ring is both challenging and very wearable.





Othmar Wicke – Othmar Wicke CAD Designs in Austria

Othmar Wicke found his inspiration for the Parrot Ring from the infinite variety, beauty and lavish richness of nature. “One of the best representatives of this is the parrot. This colorful and extravagant piece of jewelry stands for individuality, which underlines the poignant allure of modern, confident women.”

Othmar is a trained goldsmith and experienced designer since 1981 with a passion to produce beautiful and intricate designs under the motto “nothing is impossible.”


To explore all the finalists‘ stunning designs and meet the extraordinary designers, check out our 2018 Design Competition page.

Thank you to Tomas Wittelsbach for the up close and personal photos of all the 3D printed finalists‘ designs on display at the Solidscape booth all weekend: