Congratulations to the 2018 Finalists and Winners of the Solidscape Annual Design Competition

Each year Solidscape showcases the most creative and innovative work by CAD designers pushing the boundaries of creativity through the use of  Solidscape High Precision 3D printers.

Kwabena Abeney sunflower ring


Alvaro Larrosa Furest – Spain

The designer was inspired by the beauty of the cosmos to design Cosmic Ball. The jewel encrusted ring depicts a planet and its planetary ring. The planetary ring is actually a movable part that swings across the planet. The precision required for this successful design is perfectly suited to Solidscape high precision 3D printing.

A jewelry designer since 1995, Mr. Larrosa does work for several brands as well as being a CAD instructor.

Alvaro is a 1998 winner of the International Jewelry London Fair platinum award.


Marcin Nowak – Novvak Jewellery, Poland

The Vortex Ring is a perfect example of the design intricacies possible to manufacture with Solidscape high precision 3D printing. The unique statement piece is appreciated the more one looks.

Marcin is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland. The subject of his PhD thesis was the newest parametric technologies in computer-aided jewellery design.


Kwabena Abeney – CADLOFT, Canada

Kwabena Abeney took on the challenge of merging together elements from architecture, nature and history into a modern, wearable design. The Royal Sunflower Ring is a multidimensional design that takes on new shapes when viewed from different viewpoints. It can be seen as sun rays morphing into flower petals or ocean waves clashing with heat waves from the sun.

CADLOFT is a start-up whose mission is to translate imagination into reality by leveraging the precision and accuracy of CAD and 3D printing.


Settawut Leenavong – Pinkpurpol, Thailand

The Monstera Ring is inspired by the aesthetic and irregularity of the swiss cheese plant, Monstera Deliciosa. Its delicate, thin ruffled layers was perfectly reproduced by the Solidscape high precision 3D printer.

Settawut is a graduated architect who is passionate in computational design in art and architecture.

Thai / English interview with Settawut Leenavong by our partner CAD CAST CO., LTD


Luke Johnson – Arthur’s Jewelers, United States

The Dueling Phoenix cuff is inspired by master jeweler Rene Lalique and his capture of nature and the symmetry that made his pieces come alive. A student of turn of the century craftsmanship,  Luke’s Dueling Phoenix gives homage to the past while making a modern, powerful statement.

Luke has enjoyed being part of the team at Arthur’s Jewelers for more than seventeen years. The family-like atmosphere and shared passion for creating beautiful heirlooms for their clientele has supported his personal growth in the industry. He developed his CAD skills through seminars, classes and help from Gemvision.


Hyein Cho – South Korea

Inspired by the intricate, repeating pattern of a flower blossom, Hyein Cho uses pink and red gems to creatively express its beauty. The charming ring is both challenging and very wearable.


Othmar Wicke – Othmar Wicke CAD Designs, Austria

Othmar Wicke found his inspiration for the Parrot Ring from the infinite variety, beauty and lavish richness of nature. “One of the best representatives of this is the parrot. This colorful and extravagant piece of jewelry stands for individuality, which underlines the poignant allure of modern, confident women.”

Othmar is a trained goldsmith and experienced designer since 1981 with a passion to produce beautiful and intricate designs under the motto “nothing is impossible.”


Rachel Jones – Razny Jewelers, United States

Rachel Jones challenged herself to create something she’s never seen before, her own Secret Garden. The garden can be seen inside the ring, surrounded by geometric flowers.

Rachel is a custom jewelry designer with five years’ experience in the jewelry industry.


Prasad Madulakkhana – Ultimate3D, Sri Lanka

A pearl is this designer’s perfect expression of a beautiful full moon. The Glowing Moon ring combines  flowering vines and the night sky to express a love of nature and time.

Prasad has been a jewelry CAD designer for 8 years.


Charles Babb – Charles Babb Designs, United States

Emerald Enthroned is a vintage-styled ring with a much sought after art deco influence.

Charles closed his retail business to pursue his passion full time for designing custom jewelry. His expertise in creating heirlooms to be treasured for generations was developed over 30 years as a goldsmith and designer.


Miron Kutarba  –  A2 Studio Bizuterii, Poland

A baby playing with a rattle is the inspiration for this unique piece. The hollow design is another good example of how Solidscape 3D printers have given artists the freedom to manufacture anything they can imagine without limits.

A student of Jacek Malczewski School of Fine Arts in Czestochowa, Miron graduated from two Universities – first is the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź with major of design in the field of fashion design – designing jewelry and second is Czestochowa University of Technology with faculty of Management & Logistics.


Jenny Tseitlin – independent jewelry designer working in Israel

Jenny’s Fairy Tale was inspired by her love of nature. She incorporates surprisingly delicate butterflies accented with color gem stones in a bold design to create a unique ring appreciated by forward-thinking jewelry lovers.


Daniel Coffey – Coffey CAD Design, United States

The fascinating Impera ring is a combination of traditional and experimental jewelry design that works. Its freshness brings a whole new attitude to how we wear jewelry.

Daniel has been pushing the limits of jewelry design since 2011.


Predrag Tomasevic – Euphoric LLC, United States

Ocean Music is an interpretation of roaring ocean waves using beads and gem stones. The concept is beautifully illustrated and worthy of being called wearable art.

Predrag has 25 years of jewelry manufacturing and design.


Shinya Takahashi – Green Lake Jewelry Works, United States

Shinya Takahashi starts the design process on paper. Hand sketching often helps artists achieve the natural, free flowing shapes more difficult in CAD. His Organic Pattern band is the beautiful result. Its double layers of scroll work is replicated on a Solidscape 3D printer and the dissolvable support material.

Sinya has 14 years experience in the jewelry industry and is a 2012 and 2014 Gemvision Best in Show award winner.


Usiel Vargas – UV Designs, United States

Madame Pele is a design inspired by the Hawaiian goddess of fire, wind and volcanoes. The volcano is an act of nature to be both admired and feared, it the perfect metaphor for this bold yet delicate ring design.

Usiel is an expert CAD modeler of custom jewelry.


Teddy Himawan – 3D Jewelry Bali, Indonesia

The inspiration behind the Ancient East Creature pendant is drawn from animal anatomy and Asian culture mythology. These elements are gracefully expressed in the creature design surrounded by diamonds.

Teddy has worked in jewelry manufacturing with 7 years CAD experience.


W.A Chamal Jayaratna – EON Master Model, Sri Lanka

Coral Reef is an extraordinarily intricate and delicate design which was perfectly printed on Solidscape. Always an inspiration, Chamal continually stretches his imagination and challenges the limits of technology for producing unique objects of beauty.

Chamal is a long time jewelry design CAD/CAM master model developer, consultant and prototypist.


Llyn Strong – Llyn Strong Fine Jewelry, United States

The inspiration for the Temple Ruins ring is ancient Greek and Roman architecture, especially the Corinthian order. Evident are the crumbling columns and pediments surrounding the bicolor tourmaline stone.  The designer aspires to create art which enriches reciprocal understanding.

Llyn explains, “There is something magical about the act of creation: by making things, we both understand and express ourselves. My work embraces materials, techniques and traditions of both the ancient and the recent past, but explores forms and uses relevant to the present and the future.”


Robin Haefeli – Robin Haefeli Atelier, Switzerland

Robin Haefeli wanted to create an intriguing ring from another world infusing past and futuristic aspects through medieval legends and myths. The Enigma ring elegantly depicts a futuristic shield.

Robin designs intricate jewelry for luxury brand Geneva Switzerland and is always ready for new challenges.


Way Tay – Chinoiserie Blu Pte Ltd, Singapore

The CBLU Lotus ring is part of a jewelry collection inspired by the lotus flower, including earrings.

Since 2015, Way Tay has been a practitioner of design, silversmith and glass art.


Floyd van Tienen – Netherlands

Floyd van Tienen’s inspiration for the structural composure of The Reflection ring is found in architecture.

Floyd is a goldsmith and jewelry designer.


Terry Thayer – United States

Terry Thayer brings a friend’s sketches of yin & yang dragons to life in stunning detail in the Dragon’s Eye pendant.

Terry has been a jewelry for thirty four years and a CAD designer for two and a half years.


Amriendu Sen – Sen Designing Studio, India

Amriendu Sen’s beautiful Moksha earrings are inspired by art deco and art nouveau sculptures.

Amriendu is a freelancer designer working in the jewelry industry for fourteen years.


Monika Reptoeska – 3DM, Poland

Monika Reptowska’s pretty Ornamental Bouquet is a 2 finger ring. It’s sculptural design portrays nature’s organic beauty.

Ms. Reptoeska studied product design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (Master of Fine Arts, Specialization : Jewellery ) and Academia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan.


Benjamin Messer – Facet Foundry Jewelry Studio, United States

Benjamin Messer takes the skull jewelry trend by storm with a stunning and intricate skull ring modeled after a Triceratops skull.

Benjamin is a CAD designer and digital sculptor.


Claudio Gussini – CADAQUI-DESIGN  S.L., Spain

The elegant shapes and curves of Claudio Gussini’s Beyond the Line are an exploration of beauty and uniqueness.

Claudio has been a jewelry designer since 1977 and is an authorized Rhinoceros trainer. He won second place in the Jewelrythis “The Spotlight is on You” Jewelry Design Contest in 2017.


Panuwat Panthong – Triratana Jewelry, Thailand

Panuwat Panthong is inspired by the symbol of jade and dragon in the Empire of Kingdom Ring. The dragons exhibit the capability of printing complex shapes and hollows on a Solidscape.

Panuwat has been making jewelry for more than 10 years.


Meredith Marmaduke – Meredith Marmaduke Designs, United States

Meredith Marmaduke designed the Geode Ring to highlight beautiful Amethyst.

Meredith is GIA CAD and Gemvision Matrix trained. She also recieved an honorable mention in the JewelryThis “Spotlight is on you” Jewelry Design Contest in 2017.


Justyna Stasiewicz – Stasiewicz Jewelry, Poland

Justyna Stasiewicz highlights Spring and flowers in her charming and delicate Forget Me Not flower ring.

Justyna has been designing both commercial jewelry and wearable objects as a form of artistic expression for seven years. This year she also completed her PhD doctoral diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland.


Amrith Dharmawardane – Design Gold International, Australia

Amrith Dharmawardane designed Raksha, a face mask inspired by ancient Sri Lankan tribal culture. This piece is a perfect example of the sculpture detail possible when ZBrush meets Solidscape.

Amrith is a Civil Engineering and Finance dual major and is trained in Matrix and ZBrush as a 3D designer.


Kavi Bowerman – Hawks Martin, United States

Kavi Bowerman explores the concept of Yin and Yang in the curves, swirls and details of a lion’s face in the Lion Flight Ring.

Kavi has been a jewelry professional for over ten years.


Andrea Koenig – Annie K Jewelry, United States

Andrea Koenig is inspired by the traditional Sacred Heart which casts a white light on all our darkest fears. A ruby dangles from this dainty brooch named Dark Heart – White Light.

Andrea’s expertise lies in blending her client’s ideas and desires with her internationally acclaimed sense of design. She is an accomplished goldsmith, gemologist, and advanced Rhino, RhinoGold and ZBrush user.


Douglass Bowerman – Hawks Martin, United States

Douglass Bowerman explores the magic of circles in gold around a colorful gem in the Circle Flower ring.

Douglass has designed and sculpted over six hundred fine art jewelry pieces.


Andrew Goldstein – Zina Sterling Silver, United States

Andrew Goldstein’s Desert Waves cuff embodies perfect symmetry. The cuff is inspired by a piece of pottery he found in Palm Desert.

Andrew has been designing jewelry for his family business for thirty years.


Robina Dhang – SSR CAD, India

Robina Dhang is inspired by the Goddess Kali in SHAKTI, a unique piece that features the goddess’s own jewelry and headpiece in flawless detail.


Diego Javier Aramburu – 3D Custom Jewel, Spain

Diego Javier Aramburu’s detailed Maiko sculpture is inspired by Japanese culture. The face and flowers in the dress and headpiece stand out in this beautifully detailed piece.


Gary Dawson – Gary Dawson Designs, United States

Gary Dawson is inspired by how older die-struck designs of the turn of the 20th century can now be combined with new technology to improve the design. His Upscale Scroll Ring features delicate scroll work combined with the beauty of stones.

Gary specializes in custom jewelry design and is a specialist in digital design technologies. Gary Dawson Designs was named “Best of the Best” by Instore Magazine.


Allison Ice – Genovese Jewelers, United States

Allison Ice explores interesting textures in alternating bands of gems and intriguing brain structure in her Beauty and Brains ring. Flowers bloom above to further express the concept of beauty in this unique ring.

Allison was formally trained at the University of Kansas where she developed skills in all aspects of jewelry making including metalsmithing, wax carving, casting, and CAD design. “The potential for learning something new in CAD is limitless, and I have found that once I stopped viewing this potential as overwhelming it started feeling liberating.”


Sabi Kiss – Amelia Bijoux, Australia

Sabi Kiss’s King Serpent design is inspired by Joshua Greene’s book, Kaliya King of the Serpents, an ancient Indian story about bravery and respect towards nature.

Sabi is a third generation jewellery designer and manufacturer who has been using CAD to design jewelry for ten years.