We find that Solidscape prints the best resolution. We depend on Solidscape machines for highly detailed and delicate pieces.

Sasha Primak


As a young man, Sasha Primak left his home in Russia to pursue an apprenticeship in Rome. Renowned for its rich history of impeccable standards in jewelry making, Rome is the origin of the first goldsmith’s guilds in the 1100’s.

Sasha’s talent for hand craftsmanship and earlier training as an engineer helped him quickly master the old-world jewelry making techniques. Sasha became enthralled with the process of transforming an idea into a precious piece of jewelry. So with the dream of starting his own business, he immigrated to the US and set up shop in New York’s jewelry district.

His business has evolved into what is today a full service manufacturer of luxury jewelry. Every aspect of production is performed on premises to maintain quality control throughout. It’s the key ingredient in providing the level of service his customers have come to expect.


While staying true to his creative vision, Sasha combines old-world techniques with new technology for the many benefits it brings to his business and the type of service he can provide his customers. 3D printing CAD models reduces the time it takes to produce a model from days to a matter of hours.

He uses Solidscape high precision 3D printers to produce the models for his highly detailed and delicate designs. The green strength of the material make the models easy to handle. The biggest benefit is the dependable, uncomplicated casting process and the accuracy of the final platinum and gold castings.


Incredible customer service was the underlying factor when Sasha assembled a team of skilled goldsmiths, master gemologists, and casters. His customer service people are dedicated to understanding the needs of each customer from the start and it is affirmed at each step of production by the highly collaborative efforts of the entire team.

“There are a number of reasons we prefer Solidscape printers. Over the years, the responsiveness from customer service … their patience and detailed explanation.” 

Sasha Primak

Sasha has come a long way since his days as an apprentice in Rome. His customers include global luxury brands, independent jewelry stores, online companies and fashion brands. He creates bridal and precious jewelry for expressions of love, commitment and creativity.

Retailers in competitive environments have been known to distinguish themselves by showcasing one of Sasha’s extraordinary, one-of-a-kind statement pieces. He also provides authorized stores with the tools to offer their customers the custom experience at their own location.

Customer Profile - Shasha Primak

Sasha Primak Jewelry
Jewelry Manufacturing
3D Printer Needs
Ultra-accurate, high precision 3D printing
In-house manufacturing capabilities
Extreme resolution to 3D print fine lines, crisp details and organic shapes
The Solidscape Advantage
No design limitations
Directly castable in all precious metals
Automatically generated, dissolvable support material
No curing or post printing
Reliable investment casting — no guesswork