“This is a transitional time for my company; we are looking at new designs and new techniques to integrate into the workshop. Right now, we are on the threshold of creating a new line and absolutely couldn’t do it without Solidscape.”

Lisa Krikawa, Owner, Krikawa Designs

Building a new business in the jewelry industry takes patience, ambition, and experience. After nearly six years of experimentation and exhausting efforts, Krikawa Designs took a giant leap forward with the purchase of their first 3D precision modeling machine. The Solidscape 3D printer for jewelry that they purchased allowed them to greatly explore their 3D printing jewelry applications and expand their business.

„When we purchased our first Solidscape, it absolutely changed our business because of our detailed, organic, complex designs,” explains Lisa. “It really created waxes for us that were absolutely beautiful, that cast well, and like I said, our business increased by 60% that year.”


Precision remains the underlying factor in custom jewelry design, particularly with the Mokume Gane technique that is used by Krikawa. “We are running extremely precise waxes, and we do different symbols, and we do a lot of very organic 3D designs, parts that need to fit together with extreme precision…so Solidscape was the only way to go.” Solidscape 3D printer technologies deliver high-precision 3D print jewelry models.

„After seven years of integrating the Solidscape T66 machine into the daily workflow, Krikawa recently purchased the newer T76 Plus 3D printer. “Comparing the T76 to the T66, we are still getting beautiful models, which we’ve always loved from Solidscape, but in addition, the ease of use with the T76 has increased tenfold,” explains Lisa. “The quality of the print is impeccable… just the improvement of one machine to the other is pretty vast.”

Customer Profile - Krikawa Jewelry Designs

Krikawa Jewelry Designs is a small family-operated precision jewelry business dedicated to helping individuals around the world create custom engagement and wedding rings. Receiving over 20 design awards and displaying high ethical, social and environmental respect, Krikawa Designs is recognized as a leader of the jewelry industry.
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