“Sometimes to me, it’s still amazing. I know we talk about cameras, electronics, iPads, tablets, phones…the technology these days is amazing. But the ability in jewelry and to create jewelry design, even medical parts …I don’t know how they did it 10, 20, 30 years ago.”

Lou Benowitz, President, RP Wax

The jewelry industry is constantly shifting and moving forward, specifically when it comes to the retail aspect of it. With the rapid changes, companies are often forced to make changes in order to remain successful. In the case of RP Wax, they embraced the necessary shift in direction of three-dimensional printing and used the transition to their advantage. Solidscape, the leader of 3D printer companies in the industry, became an important partner for the business.

“We had family jewelry stores located in hotels connected to casinos in the gulf area, Mississippi,” says Lou Benowitz, president. “The hotels were bought out by a big corporation and they terminated all the independent people’s leases. I found myself about 10 years ago with the ability to start a new direction.”


Wax Patterns for Jewelry Casting


«When RP Wax transitioned from a retail jewelry store to a company focused on designing and creating model waxes, they turned to Solidscape. Solidscape machinery has the best surface finish, and it has the best casting results,” explained Lou. “For me and my customers, that is the most important thing. I want the best quality and the best casting, and that’s how I end up with Solidscape continually through 2004 to this day right now.”

Hand-crafted artistry is still widely valued, but Solidscape is the reliable choice when it comes to choosing a 3D printer for jewelry. “There are some things for me that luckily I have a partner who is a hand-wax carver, and some things are better to still be done by hand, as far as we’re concerned. But 80% is better to be done with the computer and the Solidscape printer, and that plays an integral part of my business.”

Customer Profile - RP Wax

RP Wax is a small rapid prototyping company located in Los Angeles, California. Contributing to the jewelry industry for over 25 years, RP Wax guarantees fast, precise and cost effective rapid prototyping models. RP Wax provides flexible and friendly service, working towards whatever the customer desires.
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