“We evaluated a number of RP systems available and determined the Solidscape technology to be the only system capable of fulfilling our needs.”

V.P., Southern California
Medical Device Company

A leading edge medical device company with a complimentary combination of spinal implant and orthobiologic technologies received FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval to manufacture vertebral body replacement implants. These titanium spinal implants (pictured above) were impossible for other pattern making technologies to build due to their complex lattice design.

Solidscape technologies, the leader of 3D printer companies in the industry, made it possible to produce such a structure. The proprietary build material, specifically formulated for lost wax casting, produced models with superior surface finishes, precluding the need to hand finish the unreachable areas inside the lattice design. The complimentary dissolvable support material helped to further expedite the process, hands-free with the end result being a flawless titanium casted implant.

This company’s initial purchase of four Solidscape rapid prototyping machines grew to 32 machines over a three year period, proving the relevance of Solidscape three-dimensional printing systems in such dynamic medical research and production.

Customer Profile - California Medical

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