“Solidscape machine models are just perfect. Our productivity and quality are much higher now.”

Hagop Shahbazyan, Ani Jewelers


A drive for jewelry perfection

In the final days of the Soviet Union, a young designer immigrated to the U.S. from Armenia to enjoy more creative freedom. The designer was Hagop Shahbazyan and today he and his two sons share a relentless drive for jewelry perfection at Ani Jewelers.

“This technology is a dream for jewelers who are doing hand-made pieces,” states Hagop. He adds: “It doesn’t matter how good you are, the precision and symmetry cannot be compared.”

Creating jewelry perfection with CAD and Solidscape.

Creating jewelry perfection with CAD and Solidscape.

As a family business, Ani Jewelers also pays attention to their bottom line according to Harry Shahbazyan: “If you look at the business side of it, price per ring-to-print, I don’t care which other company is out there, Solidscape is less.” Moving to the Solidscape 3D printer for jewelry and using 3D printing jewelry techniques has tripled their previous output using more traditional methods.

The Shahbazyan family remains passionate about offering their clients artful precision and fine craftsmanship. “The customers are very happy. This machine does exactly what you want it to do,” says Markos Shahbazyan. He also encourages designers to push the new design frontiers made possible by 3D printer jewelry technology: “People need to get more creative because this Solidscape machine is way ahead of our time.”

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For over three decades Ani Jewelers has combined centuries-old techniques and fine craftsmanship with the most up-to-date technologies to achieve the desired precision in every jewelry masterpiece.
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