For every profession out there, having the right tools is extremely important. Digital technology, to us, is a godsend.

Hagop Matossian, Co-Owner, Bostonian Jewelers

The right tools for the job

Bostonian Jewelers is a family owned and operated custom jewelry design house where the art and technology of fine jewelry making have been perfected for more than three generations. CEO Hagop Matossian stayed true to his family business by apprenticing as a goldsmith and then a master diamond setter. Creative Director Alexandria Matossian trained as a metalsmith while she was still in high school. Together, they bring years of traditional bench experience to the restoration, custom design and manufacturing of exceptional jewelry at Bostonian. But when the Matossians became one of the first adopters of 3D CAD and 3D printing with Solidscape®, the business — and their creativity — soared to new heights.Bostonian Heirloom SS

Part of the impetus for going digital was keeping up with the times; the Matossians foresaw that CAD and 3D printing would play an important role in the fine jewelry industry. The other main selling point was the level of detail they could communicate internally and externally using the technology.

Now Bostonian uses precise 3D CAD renderings as points of reference so everyone — staff and client alike — has a mutual understanding of the final product. Employees create 3D printed prototypes for clients to approve, as many iterations as necessary, before manufacturing final pieces. There are no surprises, customers have buy-in from start to finish and the process is exponentially more productive.


The right tools for creativity

Alexandria was surprised to find that in addition to saving time and materials, using the technology fundamentally changed her jewelry design process: “Prior to working with CAD, I was really limited to what I could sketch, what I could explain to a bench jeweler or what I could create myself sitting on the bench. Now [using CAD and Solidscape 3D printing], as a designer, the creativity is endless.”

Alexandria is able to create pieces with levels of fine detail that aren’t possible with traditional bench work — and fast. The time it takes Bostonian Jewelers to create digital prototypes has decreased from weeks to days. Alexandria designs a model in CAD, sets it up on the Solidscape printer and comes in the next morning to a completed prototype.

”As a designer, being able to have that done so quickly, while it’s still fresh in my head, is a dream come true,” she raves.
Going digital has been ideal for creating custom jewelry at Bostonian. Designs are easily altered and repurposed within CAD, opening the doors for more lucrative and niche offerings such as creating brand lines, recreating and customizing vintage pieces, and replacing lost pieces.

« [Solidscape] machines are worth their weight in gold. Not only are [Solidscape staff] knowledgeable and experienced in what they produce, they also care. They care about the clients, they care about the service – and it shows. »

Hagop Matossian, Co-Owner, Bostonian Jewelers

The right tools for business

The high quality of 3D CAD renderings allows Bostonian Jewelers to create and promote exciting new designs online — no manufacturing or inventory required. When orders materialize, the renderings are quickly converted into finished pieces.

In-store, the expanded offerings and rewarding customer experiences have created a ripple effect. Delighted clients spread the word and beget more clients.
“Our customers constantly rave about the experience,” says Hagop. “And that’s really what it’s about today — the experience.”

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Customer Profile - Bostonian Jewelers

For more than three generations, Bostonian Jewelers has been perfecting the art and technology of fine jewelry making. Creative custom designs and precise restorations by Bostonian has set higher standards for the jewelry industry.
Bostonian Jewelers
CAD design to 3D printed models for handling complex designs and organic shapes requiring parts that fit together and quick prototypes to facilitate the creative process.
Enhanced productivity and creativity
More productive communication
Improved customer service
High precision, smooth finish
Rapid prototyping and final wax model production
Castability in virtually any metal
Excellent repeatability
Cost savings: materials, labor and time