“One step at a time…”


Jewelers from around the world are working hard this holiday season to bring all designs to life. This is a season where busy work schedules, holiday shopping and family time can make one very busy! How can you keep up with it all? Keep moving forward step by step.

Step One: Turn that fantastic jewelry idea into 3D Design

The first step is of course to come up with a jewelry design. Some jewelry designers create designs from their own imagination while others collaborate to bring a client’s idea to reality.  Sh00ter86, a new face in the #Solidscape Instagram tag, shares an impressive lion pendant design in Keyshot for a client.

Step 2: Bring that imaginative computer design into the real world

When a piece of jewelry is designed in a CAD program on the computer, the design is sent to a 3D printer to be printed. With Solidscape High Precision 3D Printers, the design is printed layer by layer in wax material. Support material is automatically laid down, eliminating the designer’s need to create support structures within the design. The support completely dissolves away, leaving behind a clean, high precision wax model.

Jartwen recently launched the new Dream Collection of colorful rings. This week they share a video of their Dream Collection printing into reality!

Step 3: Model your stunning design for the camera

Solidscape High Precision 3D Printers produce intricate wax models that are immediately ready for investment casting or mold making. Some designers like to marvel over their models first!

Jk.wb compares a beautiful finished ring with the 3D printed wax model this week.

One step at a time .. Only at @svsfinejewelry #wherelongislandgetsengaged #svsfinejewelry

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Step 4: Cast your design for stardom

Fast melt out, no ash or residue, and no thermal expansion during the casting process certainly reduce stress during a busy season. We love to see our customers take a moment to marvel over fresh castings as well!

Goldmale is on a roll this holiday!

Abek_de_wolf‘s musical pieces are perfect for such a musical time of the year!

Step 5: Wow customers with the stunning finished piece

Bring joy to your customer’s faces when they see the perfect piece they’ve dreamed of! We are in love with all of the designs we’ve seen this month!

Westiesandco references a design only 90s kids will know with their “S” collection.

Sarah Michiko Designs never disappoints week to week with her colorful jewelry designs.

When you can’t decide you use both! Pink and yellow sapphires in a Half 18K pink and 18K yellow mounting with diamond pave shank !

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Thank you to everyone who tagged us in their designs this week! We’re looking forward to more holiday designs! Pssst… don’t forget to submit a design to our annual Design Competition at Baselworld as well!