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One wax 3D printer. Endless possibilities.

The S360 wax 3D printer for jewelry gives you the power to select the resolution you need for every print job. Focus on a few high-resolution wax models with layers as thin as 6 µm. Go for quantity instead with lower-resolution wax jewelry patterns. You choose the speed you need to match your daily workflow.

  • Six resolution settings, from 6 to 38 µm
  • World-famous Solidscape precision no matter which settings you select
  • The best materials in the business for lost wax investment casting

Discover why the Solidscape S360 is the only jewelry wax 3D printer you need.

– Fadi Raslan, Loren Jewelry

Printing is just the beginning for boosting your efficiency and productivity. The best wax 3D printer for jewelry adds value at every step:

  • What you see in CAD is exactly what you get. Unbeatable accuracy with every print, including right-on-spec prongs for easy stone setting, elaborate filigree and flawless surface finish.
  • Create without limits. Supports are automatically generated so you don’t have to worry about building them or designing around them.
  • Say goodbye to time-consuming post-processing. Solidscape support material dissolves away completely so there’s nothing to clip or file.

Solidscape gives you true-to-CAD accuracy so you can design without limits.


S360 for jewelry retailers

The S360 is Solidscape’s flagship wax 3D printer because it gives jewelry innovators like you the most flexibility. Meeting the demands of custom jewelry customers changes from day to day, and the S360 allows you to adapt on the fly. Dial in the resolution and dynamic speed boost you need and walk away. You can be confident that your S360 will deliver directly castable, crisply detailed wax models every time.

Unmatched Precision
Agile Production

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Solidscape’s proprietary eXtra Dimensional PrintingTM (XDP) technology combines the precision of Smooth Curvature PrintingTM (SCP) and the speed boost of Solidjet printing. Our ModelWorks 2.0 software puts you in the XDP driver’s seat, allowing you to select the resolution you need. The S360 dynamically shifts gears into different speed settings based on the slice thickness you select. You pick what’s best for your projects, your workflow and your bottom line — every time you run a print.

How can XDP boost your productivity?

– Vladislav Aminov, Vladdy’s Diamonds
Which Solidscape is right for my business?

The S360 gives you the power to choose your resolution. But it’s not the only choice for creating exceptional jewelry with a Solidscape wax 3D printer.

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Solidscape’s wax build and dissolvable support materials are best-in-class for lost wax casting. Get durable, true-to-CAD wax models every time.

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Whether you’re new to 3D printing or have been using wax 3D printers for years, Solidscape has your back with training and support.

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