plusCAST® material for Solidscape’s legacy line of 3D Printers was developed to meet the market demand for finished goods using less precious materials. Click for SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

LabCAST only used with the Solidscape® LAB printer is exclusively for the manufacturing of dental restorations. It is Solidscape’s strongest dental wax material ever featuring 100% castability with no material shrinkage. Click for SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

LabFill, only used with the 3Z Lab printer, automatically generates a structure to protect the part during the build process of dental restorations. Click for SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Developed for its casting properties by Solidscape for its T76plus and R66plus 3D printers, InduraCAST build material creates wax masters, ideal for lost-wax investment casting applications. It leaves no ash nor residue during burnout and presents no shrinkage. Click for SDS (Safety Data Sheet)

Indura®Fill is used by Solidscape’s legacy 3D printers to automate a protective structure around the wax model during the printing process. Click for SDS (Safety Data Sheet)