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The D76PLUS is the flagship of Solidscape’s new preXacto™ product line of rapid prototyping machines. It is targeted at medium size dental laboratories and is used to produce high-quality castable and pressable restorations.

The D76PLUS offers a flexible open architecture design, allowing it to be readily integrated into your total rapid manufacturing lab system.

If ease of use, high casting yields, low cost-per-restoration produced, and superior margin line fit are all important factors to your digital dentistry workflow, then the Solidscape preXacto™ line is the best price/performance solution from 3D printer companis for your dental laboratory.

SCP® (Smooth Curvature Printing) is Solidscape’s proprietary new three-dimensional printing technology that delivers the highest precision in the industry and a surface finish beyond compare. Developed to enhance throughput performance up to 25% (depending upon model geometry) and deliver patterns that stand alone in the industry, Solidscape is the true benchmark of quality.

System Specifications

Build envelope 6 x 6 x 4 in 15.2 x 15.2 x 10.1 cm
Footprint 21.6W x 19.26D x 16.06H in 54.86W x 48.92D x 40.77H cm
Weight 75 lbs 34 kg
Power 115V 60Hz AC with dedicated 20A circuit 230V 50Hz AC with dedicated 10A circuit
Ambient temperature 60° to 80° F at a 40% to 60%
range of humidity
16° to 27° C at a 40% to 60%
range of humidity
Z-axis build layer From 0.0010 to 0.0025 in 25.4 to 63.5 μm
Accuracy ±0.001 in per inch across the
XYZ dimensions
±25.4μm in per inch across the
XYZ dimensions
Surface Finish 32-63 micro-inches (RMS)
Minimum feature size 0.010 in 254μm
Configurations 0.0010, 0.0015, 0.0020, 0.0025
and 0.0030 in build layer
25.4μ, 38.1μ, 50.8μ, 63.5μ
and 76.2μ build layer
Resolution 5000 x 5000 x 8000 XYZ
Unattended operation 72 hours
Touch screen YES
Input files .STL, .SLC