BASELWORLD, March 31, 2014 — Solidscape®, Inc., the leading manufacturer of high precision 3D wax printers for the jewelry industry, announced the winners of the 2014 Baselworld Design Competition.

“Awesome—the exquisite, highly intricate jewellery entered by the Solidscape global design community is absolutely stunning,” stated Fabio Esposito, President and General Manager of Solidscape, Inc.  “Passionate creativity powered by very precise 3D printing and flawless casting is the hallmark of Solidscape’s 3rd Annual Baselworld Design Competition. Truly global in nature, the 2014 contest features winners from six countries spanning three continents.”

Winning Designs


Capturing the Platinum Grand Award for the second year in a row is the OG-Art Studio team from Bialystok, Poland. Their spectacular platinum horse head pendant is a powerful, classically-executed design that features incredible detail requiring the highest precision in 3D printing and casting excellence.

Tied the Gold Award is Stanislav Drokin of Kharkov, Ukraine. Stanislav’s frog ring is a whimsical creation that features a moveable mouth and is exquisitely executed in multiple precious metals and stones.

Also tied for the Gold Award is Alain Dinant of Bordeaux, France. Alain’s dramatic execution is a classic bust design that evokes an 18th century ship’s figurehead but in a new reality gracefully serves as an electronic cigarette holder in either gold or silver styles.


The Silver Award resulted in another tie. Ms. Ananya Chauchangleg of Bangkok, Thailand captured the natural beauty of three elephants in an extremely complex, yet organic ring created in gold and featuring precious stones.

The other Silver Award winning design was created by Remus Covriga of Canada. This exquisite earring design in multiple precious metals and stones has a timeless elegance—but required extreme precision in 3D printing for the very thin walls and patterns.

In the months leading up to Baselworld, the Solidscape creative community submitted CAD files for this year’s global competition.  The top finalists were then printed on a Solidscape MAX 3D wax printer for technical evaluation and creative concept ranking. Next the entries were judged by peers in Solidscape’s global creative community and are now the design excellence centerpiece at Solidscape’s Baselworld exhibit (Hall 4.U, C24).

“These stunning, highly detailed pieces feature extremely complex geometries that could only be realized by the combination of brilliant CAD design and Solidscape’s industry-leading high precision 3D printers,” according to Mr. Esposito. “I hope everyone at Baselworld has a chance to experience them during show—we will also be sharing them on our website for the whole world to see.”

PLATINUM Grand Award – OG-Art Studio, Bialystok, Poland

Gold Award  – Tie  –  Stanislav Drokin – Ukraine

Gold Award – Tie  –   Alain Dinant – France

Silver Award  – Tie  –  Ms. Ananya Chauchangleg – Thailand

Silver Award – Tie  –   Remus Covriga, Canada

Click to view the online photo gallery of the winning designs.


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