The Design Museum Foundation’s Rapid Jewelry International Design Competition & Exhibition

Solidscape is proud to be a co-sponsor of the Design Museum Foundation’s Rapid Jewelry, an international design competition and exhibition. The program was launched in early 2015, and the judging by a board of jewelry industry experts was completed in May. Winners were announced with an Exhibition in Motion fashion show event celebrating all of the finalists’ designs held in conjunction with the Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG) national conference in Boston on May 23rd.

The finalists are now on display at the Engaged Body Exhibition at the Boston Architectural College through November 10th. A grand opening reception is scheduled for September 10th. After Boston, the exhibit will move to Portland, Oregon, then onto San Francisco and finally Chicago.

Engaged Body Exhibit Boston

The wax models for the 5 finalists featured above were printed on a MAX2 Solidscape high precision 3D printer and were cast in sterling silver by Carrera Casting of New York.

Top center: Corallium Bracelet, designed by Ercument Gorgul of Washington D.C.  The design is taking its form inspiration from the branch patterns of Chinese Coral, a symbol of fortune and wealth.
Bottom left: Bloom Ring designed by Sunyoung Cheong of Topeka, KS. Sunyoung explains “I was interested in edge or curves found in nature and constructed in wire form which can be produced with a 3D printing technology.”
Bottom right: 2nd place winning design, the Oath Ring was designed by Jimin Jung of Philadelphia.

designed by Jak Drinnan London UKAbove: Hypotrochoidal Orbits Pendant designed by Jak Drinnan of London, England. Jak describes “A 3D roulette is traced by tracking a sphere as it revolves around its X, Y and Z axis. By varying the speed of each axial rotation to either 1, 5 or 10, respective to a fixed starting point; a set of twelve unique 3D hypotrochoids emerge. The linear relationship between each rotational speed ensures a fully closed orbit.

Infinity Ring design by Above: Infinity Ring designed by Eunhwa Son of Belton, MO. Eunhwa says “When it comes to jewelry, I always think about wearability, but it must be visually interesting as well. Therefore, I designed a ring that is smooth and doesn’t get in the way when the wearer moves. I thought about an infinity knot that we are familiar with. It symbolizes both faithfulness and love. The main shape is not only based on the knot, but also the wires that are constructing the main shape are infinity knots as well.”