Say goodbye to expensive tooling and design limitations. Solidscape high precision 3D printers build ultra-accurate, directly castable wax patterns for any industrial application. Complex geometries take shape quickly and reliably. Dissolvable supports melt away to reveal solid wax patterns with the best surface finish in the industry. Wax burns out cleanly to produce smooth, high integrity metal parts.

High precision, ultra accuracy
Solidjet technology, Drop on Demand material jetting and meticulous milling deliver exact symmetry, dimensional accuracy and detail. Solidscape high resolution 3D printers are precision AND accuracy in action.

Complex geometries & Thin Walls
Build overhangs and undercuts, thin walls, organic shapes, interlocking components — whatever your parts require.

Clean burnout
Solid wax patterns are optimized for durability and best burnout performance — fast melt out, no ash or residue, no thermal expansion or blowouts.

Create perfect production parts in a fraction of the time. Solidscape 3D printers build custom parts quickly and at mass production costs.

Directly castable
Solidscape wax pattern 3D printers pave a direct route to finished investment casting — 100% castable in stainless steel, aluminum and all castable alloys.

Superior interior and exterior surface finish
Automatically generated supports melt away completely, hands-free, in a non-toxic process — leaving smooth molds and virtually no finishing.

Manufacture complex parts that aren’t possible using any other technique, traditional or 3D printed. Solid, robust wax models create high integrity castings — every time.
Ultra accurate, high precision 3D printing
Superior wax patterns for superior castings
Solidjet™ Technology builds detailed support structures infilled with solid wax, producing the highest integrity castings and surface finish in the industry.
Drop on Demand Technology positions drops of material precisely along X, Y and Z axes, resulting in high-definition details.
Rotating Milling Blade levels every print layer, delivering controllable layer thickness down to 50µm, impossibly complex builds and unbeatable, repeatable accuracy.
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3D Printer Resolution

3D printer materials engineered for investment casting

Midas wax builds solid, durable, ultra-accurate models. Melt-I support material dissolves away completely to reveal perfect wax patterns.
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Spend less time tooling and more time innovating.

S500 industrial wax pattern 3D printer for investment casting
The Solidscape S500 high precision 3D printer is THE  solution for manufacturing custom parts. The accuracy of the S500 produces wax patterns of complex geometries with a smooth surface finish, resulting in high integrity castings and perfect parts.
Revolutionize processes, maximize workflow
  • Fits seamlessly into existing lost wax investment casting production systems processes
  • Eliminates tooling time and costs
  • Provides 100% direct metal castability
  • Dramatically reduces finishing time and material waste
  • Maximizes efficiency, productivity and profitability
Produce impossibly detailed, directly castable wax patterns for any industrial application. Developed specifically for high precision investment casting, Midas is optimized to ensure clean burnout with dimensional accuracy — no distortion, warping or shrinkage.
Create clean, smooth wax patterns virtually hands-free. Melt dissolvable support material is formulated to reduce stress points on delicate areas in complex geometries and thin walls as it dissolves away completely in a non-toxic process.
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