“Tis the season to be casting”


It’s December 2nd and the holiday season is upon us! Everyone is looking for the perfect gift to give a loved one. For some, it can be a very stressful season. One of the most popular options is custom jewelry. Imagine the possibilities of combining themes that are important to you and your family, friends or significant others in a special gift made just for them! But how is this perfect gift created?

This is where jewelers come in to bring their customer’s vision to a reality. They sit down with clients to hear their ideas and sketch possible designs on paper. Once the vision is pitch perfect for the client, designers turn to CAD to bring the 2D sketch into 3D computer modeling. Their elves, aka 3D Printers, are here to help, too! Check out Solidscape users such as Witz Jewelry Design, who created a perfect gift from parents to their children, and their beautiful and meaningful jewelry this season!

Ready for the Holidays

Goldmale has jewelry pieces lined up and ready for casting!

Tis the season to be casting #falalala #customjewelry #3dprinting #solidscape #latenightwork

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Sarah Michiko Designs is excited on December 1st to bring someone’s perfect custom piece, such as custom designed diamond and sapphire earrings, to life!

December Jewelry Roundup

Ali Matossian continues to share her 3D Printing adventures with her new Solidscape High Precision 3D Printer. This week, she pushes the envelope to create a lilac cluster with resolution down to 0.012700mm. Any design is possible!

3d_printer’s unique collection of models demonstrate how no design to too much or too little.

Thor Hoy shares his 3D Printer working hard for Men Up North!

Thank you to everyone who tagged us in their posts this week! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!