Every week the #Solidscape page on Instagram is full of creative jewelry designers thrilled to see their CAD renders come to life as a wax model they can hold in their hands. Clients seeking custom jewelry also have an opportunity to see the model in person before it goes into production. The excitement doesn’t stop there once the model is grown, or 3D printed, as a castable wax model on a Solidscape High Precision 3D Printer. Next, the model will be cast, polished, and set into the beautiful piece of jewelry of the designer and client’s vision. Solidscape’s extended community of jewelry designers post photos of both the wax model and their finished piece to express their excitement. This week we highlight these snapshots of the creative process where the ideas, visualizations, and design start coming together.

Solidscape Instagram Roundup

Toni Monés Joier leads the way this week with the beautiful ring 3D printed last week.

#Aquamarine Emerald cut #diamonds #zbrush #pixologic #solidscape #Barcelona#gold

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Ali Matossian expresses the joy of collaborating with her clients and showing them the process of 3D printing.

We can’t wait to see Sarah Michiko’s latest custom ring design too!

We can’t wait to see this piece put together and finished ! @solidscape

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Grechkanv displays their latest ring design ready for casting.

We love this color-popping ruby and diamond ring by Erok Designs!

Tech Designs NY‘s shows off his platinum engagement ring design from all angles.

Very special Engagement Ring in Platinum 💥💎💥

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Men Up North celebrates simplicity in their sterling silver cuff links.

Fluentes.be proves skulls are still popular, highlighting their white gold palladium casting.

Meredith Marmaduke Designs’ yellow gold jewelry always evokes a warm feeling.

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