Print dozens of castable jewelry models
in a single afternoon

Best in class castable resins

  • Proprietary materials engineered specifically for jewelry manufacturing
  • EmeraldCast™ wax-based resin or DiamondCast™ for the unique characteristics of your jewelry designs

High definition models

  • Best in market precision 44 µm X, Y and 25 µm layer thickness
  • Smooth surface finish
printed model and casting tree


Resin Materials


Speed: High powered LED prints up to 15mm/hr* @ 25µ
*Force Feedback equipped

Build area: 84 x 47 mm

Build height: 90 mm

Projector: Full HD delivers precision and accuracy

Printer dimensions: 335W x 541H x 349D mm

Connections: WLAN, TCP/IP, USB

Control: 7” LCD-Display, 3-button control


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