In Basel, Switzerland, Solidscape®, Inc., is proud to announce the winners of the seventh annual Baselworld Design Competition. As the focal point of the watch and jewelry industry, Baselworld inspires industry leaders and top designers to showcase their creations and innovations on a worldwide stage. Every year Solidscape provides designers the opportunity to receive international recognition for their work.

“Solidscape is proud to showcase the most creative and innovative jewelry designs that embrace cutting edge 3D printing technology. This year’s winning designers have created complex geometries and organic shapes that are impossible to produce through traditional hand carving techniques. These designers are thrilled because Solidscape’s precision 3D printing technology allows them to unleash their imagination and push the boundaries of creative design.”

– Fabio Esposito, Solidscape President

Winning Designs – Jewelry

With a record number of forty-three amazing designs entered into this year’s competition, the judges have selected two winners for each Jewelry category.

Capturing the Platinum Award for jewelry based on design aesthetic and technical criteria is Anna Popovych’s “Drop of Freedom” ring. As a talented CAD designer from Ukraine, Popovych is designing an entire collection around her beautiful, nature inspired forms.

Tied for the Platinum Award for jewelry is the “Elementum 17” ring by Daniel Coffey from the United States. His challenging design with its delicate, interwoven lines is an excellent example of the design freedom possible with Solidscape high precision 3D printers.

Stuart McGrath of Ireland’s Armoura Designs wins the Gold Award for jewelry with his “Rainforest” inspired ring. With nature as a recurring theme in his collection, this ring wraps exotic creatures among the forest and water colored gemstones.

Tradition meets modern with the other Gold Award for jewelry winning design from Thailand’s Ananya Chuechanglek. This beautiful ring was inspired by the pattern and cone shape of a hand woven bamboo basket, called a “Chalom,” commonly used in Thailand.

Meenakshi Rawa from India won the Silver Award for jewelry with her delicate pattern called “Leaf hair pin.” Not only did she realistically capture the detail of the leaf’s netted veins, but she added a subtle twisting curve to the leaf’s blade, adding to its overall beauty.

Tied for the Silver Award for jewelry is the “Resting Butterflies” pendant by K. Abeney of CADLoft in Canada. This three dimensional double sided pendant shows a dozen interwoven butterflies resting together. The reverse of the pendant shows a beautiful pattern created by the wings of the butterflies.

Winning Designs – Fine Art

The “Fine Art” award category recognizes unique entrants that represent free form expression of non-jewelry designs executed in a manner similar to jewelry. They require mastery of CAD design and Solidscape’s industry-leading high precision 3D printers to create flawlessly castable pieces.

Prachaya Viriyasuthee of Triratana Jewelry in Thailand wins the Platinum Award in Fine Art for its stunning “Lotus Blossom Incense Burner.” The lotus flower has been a symbol of purity with its delicately tapering edges, recreated perfectly by the Solidscape high precision 3D printer.

Design entries were judged based on successful wax modeling printed by a Solidscape 3D printer, best design (artistry and style), as well as best use of technology (CAD/Solidscape 3D printing). Winning designs are featured below, and all finalists’ pieces can be found in the design excellence centerpiece at Solidscape’s Baselworld exhibit, Hall 2.0 E61 or on the Solidscape 2017 Baselworld Design Competition webpage.


Solidscape 2017 Baselworld Design Competition

Awards for Jewelry

PLATINUM Award for jewelry (TIE)
Designer: Anna Popovych
Country:  Ukraine
Title: Drop of freedom

PLATINUM Award for jewelry (TIE)
Designer: Daniel Coffey
Country:  United States
Title: Elementum 17

GOLD Award for jewelry (TIE)
Designer: Stuart McGrath
Country: Ireland
Title: Rainforest

GOLD Award for jewelry (TIE)
Designer: Ananya Chuechanglek
Country: Thailand
Title: Chalom


SILVER Award for jewelry (TIE)
Designer: Meenakshi Rawa
Country: India
Title: Leaf hair pin

SILVER Award for jewelry (TIE)
Designer: K. Abeney
Country: Canada
Title: Resting Butterflies

Awards for Fine Art

PLATINUM Award for fine art

Designer: Prachaya Viriyasuthee
Country: Thailand
Title: Lotus Blossom Incense Burner