plusCAST® material for Solidscape’s legacy line of 3D Printers was developed to meet the market demand for finished goods using less precious materials.

Test results indicate it to be up to 30% stronger than the previous generation of Solidscape’s build materials and the increased durability enables designers to incorporate even more intricate details with thinner walls into their work to produce lighter weight finished master models.

The outstanding performances of the plusCAST material in terms of higher durability and 100% castability with no material shrinkage brings benefits to critical application such as lost-wax investment casting and mold making.  From jewelry manufacturers and custom retailers that can save in precious material to dental labs that can be even more fine at the margin lines. From aerospace, automotive, to medical, orthopedics and orthodontics.

plusCAST is used by Solidscape’s plus product line including the T76plus, D76plus and R66plus.